Accessory Bits Ltd (ABL)

Monitor Arms
Monitor Arms

CH Workspace, a leading office furniture dealer,  is also a dealer for ABL products. What are Accessory Bits? They are manufacturers and wholesalers of workspace accessories. Their product range has been designed to meet the needs of office designers and integrators everywhere.
The high quality products they sell represent our many years of experience in the industry and allow for quick installation in existing and new offices alike, helping you maximise the efficiency, safety and ergonomics of your work environment.
They specialise in accessories for computers and cable management systems for workstations, a selection of their products is shown below. If you need any further details or have a problem that needs solving, please contact CH Workspace on 0800 731 3627 for more information. Continue reading Accessory Bits Ltd (ABL)

A Buyers Guide to Office Lockers

Office Lockers
Office Lockers

Now that call centres are a standard part of the office furniture catalogue, we need to consider all the other furniture and equipment that is required to supplement the call centre desks. In call centres it is common that office workers are not allowed to take personal equipment such as mobile phones, laptop computers etc to their desks. They also need storage space for raincoats, umbrellas etc.
Many call centres use standard office lockers as suitable, secure storage for these personal items. The standard metal lockers used to be common in factory and workshop environments, but they needed a designer touch to be suitable for the normal office environment. CH Workspace now have this type of office locker in their main office furniture catalogue. Continue reading A Buyers Guide to Office Lockers

4Ever Technical Details


4Ever Desks
4Ever Desks

Made from 38 mm thick particle board (average density approx. 600 Kg/m3).
Available in three choices of finish: French Apple, Pear and Light Oak. All tops are covered on both surfaces in HPC (identical).
Straight edges on all sides protected by 3 mm thick strips of ABS (radius of curvature 3 mm).
Tops are attached to the frame of the desk by means of screws and metal inserts.
Designer ABS cable port covers (70 x 70 mm) made up of three elements. Cable ports 60 mm in diameter. Continue reading 4Ever Technical Details

Sven Office Furniture

Sven offer a wide range of Office Furniture

Open Plan Desking Systems


Brevis Desks
Brevis Desks

Ambus offers a huge choice of components, many of which can be very effectively combined to form groups and clusters in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Storage can be integrated into the layout where appropriate. Ambus may be specified in a choice of MFC and veneer finishes, and with desks on panel ends or metal endframes. Ambus also offers several levels of cable management so you only pay for what you need.

Continue reading Sven Office Furniture

What to do with your old office furniture

There are many reasons why you may have old furniture to dispose of. Maybe you are one of the lucky

Old Office Furniture
Old Office Furniture

ones who has upgraded their old furniture by taking advantage of some of the incredible business  furniture deals around at the moment  to rejuvenate your office, in which case you can probably persuade your dealer to take it away at no cost. Otherwise, you may be stuck. Continue reading What to do with your old office furniture

Wireless Power ?

Office Electrics
Office Electrics

We all have so-called wireless devices, such as laptops, mobile phones, printers, keyboards and mice and much much more. So why is our desktop still cluttered with wires and why do we still feel tethered to our office furniture?

Because we still need power. There are many alternatives, but none of them work satisfactorily. Ordinary batteries seem so wasteful and environmentally unfriendly, re-chargeable batteries seem to run out much faster and are never charged when you need them. Solar chargers are expensive and rely on the sun – not much of that here – and all the other dreams of hydrogen-powered micro fuel cells and all the other technology promises are just that – promises. Continue reading Wireless Power ?

Acoustic Art

Acoustic Wall Panels
Acoustic Wall Panels

Sound absorbing wall panels are an excellent option, particularly when combined with absorptive ceiling systems and other acoustic  furniture systems.
They have a lower absorption rating than ceiling panels. Nevertheless, they provide an excellent way of reducing reverberation, particularly in areas where other options such as screens, dividers and wall art would be inappropriate.
Reducing the reverberation time is not the only bonus to using these panels. They may also prevent the formation of annoying flutter echoes which often occur between parallel reflective walls. Continue reading Acoustic Art

Accoustics at Work – Introduction

Acoustics and Sound Reduction

We can now analyse the client’s acoustic environment in order to provide a solution based service to deal with noise problems. We supply a wide range of office furniture products including screens, storage, seating, ceilings, carpets, wall panels, blinds, and masking systems all with effective acoustic properties, designed to control noise and reverberation in the workplace. Use our simple acoustics scoring system to choose products that are right for you the client. Continue reading Accoustics at Work – Introduction