Bench desks – even more popular

A while ago we mentioned that more and more customers are asking us about bench desking, and it seems the numbers of enquires just keep on climbing.

The way we work today has meant the  radial or wave style of  desks are becoming less popular, mainly because they are now unnecessarily large. They were deigned for use with large CRT monitors, which in the main are now obsolete. With a flat screen an 80cm deep desk is deep enough to place the screen in the optimal position.

So saving redundant  desk space , means that more desks can be fitted into the same space, or more area dedicated to other uses, such as file storage, meeting areas, or breakout areas.  Another advantage is that the bench desks are invariably cheaper than a similar wave or radial desk.

In addition, when the desks are laid out as a long line of desks ( which is effectively what bench desking is) the intermediate legs can usually be shared, which further reduces the overall price.

But going down the route of cheaper bench desks, does not mean having to put up with  an inferior product. Many bench desks costing less than a radial or wave desk, will have built in cable management, divider screen mounting points, and even sliding tops for easy cable access. 

The simplicity of design allows greater functionality  than some of the curved desks which used to be so popular.  Radial desks were always a design problem when the sliding top option was used with a desk height pedestal. Due to the fact that the desk height pedestal sat at the end of the curved section of the radial desk, the sliding top could not be slid, without moving the desk height pedestal out of the way first. 

With a bench desk the desk height pedestal sits at the end of the desk, and therefore presents no problem when the desk tops need to be slid forward.

Also, it is generally agreed that the average member of staff does not need as much drawer space as was previously allocated, which means that a narrow 2 or 3 drawer under-desk pedestal can now be used instead of a large, and more expensive, desk height pedestal.

Most businesses are recognising that the savings to be had by changing  to bench desking, could be spent on other areas of office furniture  – better chairs, or  a comfortable dining or breakout area for the staff.

All it takes is one call to your office furniture dealer, who would then be able to provide you with revised office plans using the latest style of office desking, and to explain to you the benefits of  going down the bench desk route