Clever meeting tables

Most businesses nowadays have to make the best use of all of their office workspace.
Desks are getting smaller, although flat computer screens  mean that this is not such a problem, and people are sitting much closer together.  But clever design and the provision of a break out and relaxation areas for the staff can actually improve working conditions.

The same applies to meeting areas, which have undergone a radical change in the last fifteen years.  No longer do we see large offices filled with one expensive veneer boardroom table and equally expensive meeting chairs.

This office space is just to valuable to be left for the occasional use of senior board members and shareholders.

Instead these areas are being partitioned into smaller yet highly efficient meeting rooms.
These rooms are used on an almost continual basis with staff members booking in their time to use the space, whether for a formal meeting with clients, a general chat with colleagues about a specific project, or just somewhere quiet to work for a brief period.

In order to make these areas efficient and multifunctional, meeting tables have become more intelligent. Instead of just a flat top and four fixed legs, or if you are lucky folding legs, there are now interlocking flip top tables, which can be reconfigured in seconds.

Just pull the lever, move the table top into its vertical locking position, and wheel it out of the way, or change the configuration.

In a matter of minutes the meeting room becomes a training room in the morning, quickly transformed at lunchtime for a finger buffer, and then set up as a large single meeting table for the inter-departmental meeting in the afternoon.

The beauty of these tables is that anyone can reconfigure them. All the weight stays on the castors so there is no health and safety issue with moving them around.

The clips that lock the tables together require no tools and are easy to operate. In addition the leg design of these tables allows them to be neatly nested into each other, taking up very little floor space.   Modern technology means that the table frames are immensely strong and durable and the man made tops are almost bullet proof.

So intelligent design of your office furniture and careful thought as to how you want to use your office space really can make your square meterage work more efficiently for you

Spending a little money on making sure that you have the right product for your requirements can actually save you a lot of money in the longer run.