Electric height adjustable desks

The market for height adjustable desks is growing steadily in the UK and we have been developing new products to cater for this increased demand.

Due to the complexity of these desks and the fact that motors and drive systems are involved , these electric height adjustable desks are considerably more expensive than a standard operator desk. 

So in order to keep the overall costs down at the budget end of the electric desk range you would usually see a single motor ( not dissimilar to a cars windscreen wiper motor) fixed into one leg, with  a metal drive shaft operating a worm gear in the other leg. 

This design does have its problems due to its inherent design, namely unequal lifting height of the desktop, when under load, and sticking or jerky mechanisms when the load is on one side of the desk top

So whilst being cheap, this design is not the best  for long term reliability, and users can become frustrated with the less than perfect operating mechanism, and even regret their decision about their office furniture.
The best electric height adjustable desks are the ones which have a motor built into each leg, and each leg is moved up and down via a sealed chain and cogs system, hidden inside the desk leg frame.

A central control processor constantly monitors the height or each leg to within 1 mm, and can  therefore take care of uneven loads.

Also having two motors means that each motor does not have to work so hard and therefore the desk tends to last much longer, and can in fact deal with a greater load for a longer amount of time, and offers a far greater range of travel.

An additional advantage of this system is that the processor also monitors motor resistance ( the resistance in an electric motor decreases with speed) and can therefore work out when the desk top has hit an immovable obstacle, either going up or down, and instantly cut the power to the motor.

So you can see the advantages of a twin motor design, but the additional cost is still a problem for you.

The good news is that by switching all of our product range to the twin motor design, economies of scale have allowed us to reduce the price of these superior height adjustable desks to within a few pounds of the old less sophisticated single motor designs.

The result is quieter motion, more reliability, greater load capacities, and probably most importantly, improved safety. And all this for just a few pounds more.

If you are not already convinced give us a call and we will show you just how good our new designs are,

And remember, as with all things, including office furniture, value for money is much more important than a cheap price.