Flexible bench desks

Most office furniture manufacturers are offering  their own version of a bench desking system, ranging from a simple linked desk design to a high end all singing  and dancing cable managed, sliding top affair.

But in general  the main similarity is that the desks are designed as double desk ( two desk facing each other)  setups which can share their end legs with neighbouring desks.

This offers two advantages in terms of price and space as not so many legs are needed when compared to a free standing desk setup.

“OPEN”  is a budget range of office furniture which offers everything that a basic  bench desk range would offer and a little more.

The desks sizes are comprehensive, as you would expect (80 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm and 180 cm)  the systems comes with integral cable management, and the desk frame has been designed to accept a wide variety of central dividing desk mounted screens.

But the added advantage of this range is that the leg frames can easily be converted to free standing leg frames, enabling you to easily reconfigure your office space.
Furthermore the free standing single desks can then be linked to each other by sharing intermediate legs.  So you can produce a run of single depth bench desks, with all the benefits of the double desk units, or you can just use free standing desks butted up against each other.

In addition to these advantages any of the single depth desks can be supplied with a height adjustable desk frame, enabling you to alter  the working height of specific desks in your office to suit certain users.

The OPEN office furniture range really caters for just about every need, except when  your office space is just to small to use the industry standard 80cm deep desks.  But amazingly  the OPEN range also has 80cm desks available, which not only are height adjustable but which can share the intermediated leg and behave just like a full size bench desk system.

And one more advantage to think about is delivery. This range is available from stock, in all its permutations, with matt silver finish frames and a desk top finish of either Maple, Light beech, salmon beech, copper pear, caramel cherry, light grey, or snow white.

A truly versatile range of office  furniture