Flip top tables from stock

With the ever increasing pressure on businesses to make the best use of their office space, we are more often than not specifying flip top tables as the ideal solution for most training and meeting room requirements.

These tables have the advantage of being easily reconfigurable in minutes and the job can be carried out by anyone in the office.

Their clever design means that the weight of the table does not have to be lifted during the reconfiguration.
Once in their new layout, the castors can be locked and the meeting table tops fixed to each other with an easy to use locking bracket or hand wheel.

These clever meeting tables only need a quick pull on the mechanism release lever to allow the desk tops to safely swivel into the vertical position.

They are then locked into this position and the whole meeting table can be easily wheeled into their new position or stored away for future use. Getting the table through narrow doorways is a simple, quick, one person operation.

If the tables are to be stored away they can be parked next to each other with one support leg inside its neighbour, which allows a large number to be stored away in a small amount of space.

These flip top meeting tables are available in a variety of finishes and sizesĀ  and there is even a half moon flip top table available from stock.

This is very useful as it means that a truly multipurpose oval table can be made from the individual components.

In addition each section can be locked to its neighbour to ensure that all of the work tops remains at the same height, despite undulations in the office floor.

Once the castors brakes are set in the locking position the table is rock solid and ready for your large board meeting.

These tables are available from stock for express delivery, but if you are looking for something a bit more special, we can have the tops made in a wood veneer finish to match the rest of your office furniture, and we can even offer wood or more traditional frames to suit any environment.

Once you have experienced the versatility and usability of flip top tables you will wonder how you ever managed without them