Glass desks – form over function ?

We still have quite a number of enquiries for glass desks each week, and  always make a point of going through the issues  with glass office furniture.

To begin with we need to know why this request has been made.  Glass furniture is once again back in fashion, with many modern homes now sporting glass dining or coffee tables.  
But glass furniture at home is not the same as a glass desk in the office, where the requirements of the desk are different to that of home furniture.

Most office desks need power and data and ideally a method of keeping the power and data safely out of sight, and the ability to access these facilities from the desk top.
Most office desks also have close to hand storage space for stationery , filing and other essential items
Most office desks have a tough hard wearing surface and impact resistant edging. The desk tops are designed to be easy to clean, and non reflective.

Unfortunately glass does not lend itself to any of the above requirements.

A glass desk is most definitely a design statement rather than a practical office workstation. Most glass desks are not equipped with any cable management or cable ports, mainly due to the additional cost and to the fact that the top, being transparent, makes it very difficult to hide the cables away.
The support frame of the glass desk has to be as stylish as the desk top, as it is on display all of the time. 
Untidy bunches of wires and power or data sockets cannot be housed in an under desk cable management tray, which simply  screws to the underside of the desk, precisely due to its fixing method, and even if the cable management tray could be glued in position, there would be no point as the mess of wires could be seen through the glass desk top.
As mentioned above, with glass desks being very much a design statement, there is very little point in attaching any filing or storage drawers to the desk, as this was only detract from the overall effect, unless the drawers were also made of glass, which would be very expensive, and would only add to the overall effect if the drawers were kept empty, which kind of defeats the object of adding storage drawers to an office desk.

And finally glass in not tough. Throw your keys onto you desk and you will scratch the glass top,  whereas a MFC top will not show a mark. Most office desks can be stood on, which shows just how strong they are. But how willing would you be to stand in the middle of your glass desk.

So by all means go for a stylish glass  desk but just make sure that you have properly considered all of the issues before making your decision