Height adjustable desks

We have a great deal more enquiries for height adjustable desks nowadays, and a good range of products to suit all requirements and budgets.

It seems that more and more workers are becoming aware of the advantages of height adjustable desks, but we should pointy out that there are distinct advantages and disadvantages with the different types of height adjustability.

In general though the advantage of having the desk height adjustable as well as your office chair is that you are one step nearer to acheiving your ergonomically perfect workstation

The most basic form of height adjustable desk is  what we would call the “fit and forget variety”. These office desks are relatively inexpensive when compared to a standard office desk, and have a double section leg frame, one of which slides inside the other.

The leg is adjusted by sliding the outer leg out over the inner leg, until the desired height is reached. The fixing holes are then aligned and  bolt or two fixed through the hole to lock the two sections together.

These desks are therefore fixed at the desired working height at installation, and left at this height.

The height can subsequently be altered but it does involve a reasonable amount of dismantling and  re-assembly.

This type of height adjustable desk is fine for  single users who want their desk set higher or lower than standard and then left like that for a considerable period. It is a low cost way or having your office desk fitted to your height.

The other version is the height adjustable desk, which is specifically built to change height at the whim of the user. The desk top is mounted on two leg frames which have a central screw-thread and connector     (rather like a simple car jack) . On the user end of this mechanism is a hand wheel , which when turned, effectively lifts or lowers the height of the desk.  Due to the added complexity of the mechanism, these desks are about 70% more expensive than a standard fixed height desk.

At the top end of the scale is the electrically height adjustable desk, which literally changes height at the touch of a button. The electric motor is fed from the mains ( via a 12 transformer for safety). This type of desk is the ultimate for someone who changes from sitting to standing often during the day.

A few years ago  an electrically height adjustable desk would have been about 3 times as expensive as a standard office desk, but due to the huge number of sales of height adjustable desks on the continent  the costs have reduced dramatically.

In fact nowadays you can purchase an electrically height adjustable desk for less than one with a manual adjustment facility, and the cost is only about 20% more than the “fit and forget” variety.