Movable office meeting rooms.

These days the office buzzword is flexibility. Hot desking, break out areas, mobile pedestal garages, flip top and folding tables, are all words most modern businesses understand. They mean adaptable work environments, which can change to suit what’s needed next week, not next year.

We have come a long way since offering mobile pedestals as a flexible alternative to fixed pedestals, Moving the pedestal out from under the desk gives you more room if you are training someone for example, or provides a handy additional temporary worktop when sorting or researching old files.

Meeting room furniture has also come a long way since the big heavy boardroom table.  Lightweight flip top tables on lockable castors make light work of reconfiguring meeting rooms in minutes, and can be done by any member of staff.

Folding and stackable chairs , along with meeting furniture trolleys make it quick and easy to clear rooms for buffets, or fill them with chairs for seminars.
The actual meeting room itself has evolved as well. Open plan offices can benefit from freestanding meeting or office pods, complete with doors and windows, or less elaborate but much more movable, and therefore flexible meeting pods.

Six or seven screens, either glazed or upholstered in a fabric, lock together to form an open circle. The screens can be supported on lockable castors and  can be disconnected from each other and stored in a corner is seconds, or just rolled to a new position if required.

Even traditional straight screens have been jazzed up to include cable management , sound deadening insulation, and even lighting units.
They come in all sizes and all fabrics: you can even have your office logo printed onto the outer surface, or have them in a wood finish to match the rest of your office furniture.

So creating temporary offices for specific projects or contract workers is simple, effective and a lot cheaper than demountable partitioning.

And it leaves no unsightly fixing holes in the flooring or ceiling, which is am important consideration if you only rent or lease the office space

Furthermore, as the meeting or office pods are classed as office furniture, and not as fixtures and fittings, not only can you take them with you if you move, but in most cases you would not need planning permission to install them.