Office desks- don’t forget cable management

Many people, when buying office desks, just look for something they like, and  which is within their budget, without thinking how important cable management can be.

In the brochures, on line or even in the showroom the desks look great – clutterfree, with just one laptop sitting on the desk. Most of the time the lap laptop doesn’t even have a power cable attached.

There are people out there who really can just use a laptop on their desk, without having to plus anything in.  The battery is fully charged, the wireless internet and printer is working fine, and they don’t need a larger screen, but in our experience there are not many people like this.

More often than not the laptop battery is nearly dead, as is their mobile battery, and as anyone who uses the same desk for a long period of time each week will agree, eventually the small keyboard and screen on the laptop means that full sized versions are soon required, and then power will be required.

In addition most desk top computers are not fitted with a  wireless card, but are connected to the network by a cable.

So in most cases some sort of cable management will be required, even if it is only a desktop power and data module so that you can plug in your laptop and mobile, whenever charging is required.
The cable management can range from the simplest system, which is just a full width wire basket, to take all excess cables and to house the power and date outlets, to a state of the art inset power/data module, with sliding desk tops and integral under desk power modules daisy chained together.

There are even systems where a section of the fabric screen pivots down to reveal all of the required power and data ports set inside the desk mounted screen.

So before making any decision you really do need to contact and office furniture dealer to explain how you will use your new desks.

He will be able to show you what you will need with regard to cable management requirement and will help you achieve the desired results within your budget.

We have seen cases where a customer has been completely taken by a stylish glass desk, and has had it installed in his office, only to find out that there are absolutely no cable management facilities, that nothing can be easily fixed to the underside of the glass desk, and even if it were, the cables can be easily seen.

 Even cable ports cannot be fitted after the event as the glass desk top will have been toughened, and therefore cannot be drilled.  So if you want a glass desk, please make sure that you are happy to sacrifice a lot of function for the sake of form.