Office Furniture Budgets

Most of our customers have a good idea of what they have in mind or what they can afford for their office furniture requirements, but there are still those who really don’t have any idea, or  don’t really want to let us know what their budget it

This does present a serious problem to us, as office furniture  prices can vary enormously depending on specification and requirements.

For instance a basic 160cm rectangular operator desk with a steel frame, can cost as little as £100, but the same size desk, with a more stylish  desk frame, comprehensive cable management, and a thicker, better quality desk top, could cost as much as £700.

The same with call centre or bench desking. We sell entry level systems which work out at less than £200 per desk, but can offer top end systems at nearly £1,000 per desk.

In the same way as most cars are capable of getting you from A to B, safely and comfortably, some do it much better than others, and this is usually reflected in the price.

It is the same with office   furniture.   If we are unable to determine exactly what it is that the customer requires from his office desking, then it is very difficult to come up with the right furniture range. We have at our disposal, over 60 ranges of office furniture, from the cheapest entry level contract furniture ranges, up  to the most expensive hand made executive desking.   

With this level of choice, we really do need something to go on, when deciding what range is best, and a good starting point, is often a basic budget, even if it is just based on spending a certain amount on each member of staff. We can, by taking out average costs for office chairs and storage, then work out what is left for the desking element and divide this by the number of staff to see what can be spent on the desks.

Another problem we have is when our products are compared those from a  competitor.

It is difficult to appraise the two competing ranges from brochures or websites, and it is very difficult to actually physically compare the two products side by side.  Our experience from thousands of office furniture sales,  can be invaluable to our customers but only if they are willing to listen.

The customer, having maybe only purchased office  furniture a few times, would not have our experience, and may be lured into buying the wrong product by the temptation of a cheap price.

And this cheap price may in the longer term, turn out to be very expensive, if the products do not do what is required of them, go wrong often, with spare parts being hard to find.  That cheap deal may turn out to be an expensive nightmare, and prove to be very bad value for money.