Office furniture cable management

This area of our business is the area which causes many  headaches.

Many customers specify top end desking systems and then fail to use the sophisticated cable management systems that they provide.
For instance sliding top desks are really useful if you need to get at your cabling on a regular basis, but no good if you have radial desks and desk height pedestals.

We have also seen sliding top bench desks specified and then fitted with central and intermediate desk top fabric screens. These units, when fitted, mean that the sliding top wont slide, which negates the point of buying them in the first place.

So we usually start a new project by looking at what the client actually needs with regard to cable management for most of the time.

We often  find that whilst there may be a specific need for some exotic cabling in some situations, most of the workstations can be easily cable managed with some of our basic universal management systems.

Starting at this point means that the customer can see how much of a saving he can make by opting for a system which will adequately do the job. It would then be up to the customer to decide whether spending the extra money on a more sophisticated system would be worth it.

Most top end cable management systems are quite expensive, and in many cases the extra cost for what may be very little gain, could be more wisely spent on upgrading the quality of the new office chairs for instance, where a small amount of additional budget can really make a difference to the comfort and adjustability of the office seating.

Cable management systems which work are ones which keep all of the cables tucked away  under the desk and allow easy access to the cables and connectors.

In most case a simple drop down wire basket is more than up to the job. If there are staff who  constantly need to plug into power and data outlets at their workstation, then they should be given  a desk mounted power centre, which is then wired in to the main cables under the desk.

This is the most convenient and efficient way of providing power and data outlets on the desk top, and can easily be moved form location to location.

So the most important criteria is trying to specify a system which will work with your office furniture and in your office for 90% of the time and for 90% of your staff, rather than a top level system where the features are only used by a few .

This is the same principle used when buying a new car. You would never buy a convertible if you lived in a country where in rained 90% of the time