Office screens – buying tips

If you are looking for office screens you really should get some professional advice as it is very easy to make an expensive mistake.

There are many different types of screen in the market and each type is suited for a particular purpose.

If you are just looking for something to divide up office areas that you probably can buy a basic screen from the big stationery warehouses, or from on office furniture on-line shop, but in reality most customers want more than this.

You need to think about the following before you make and decision to purchase :-

1)    Continuity – Will I want more matching screens in the future? Some of the budget screens are imported ready made from China and Eastern Europe and may not be available in a month’s time, so avoid these if this is a concern. Screens are usually made and upholstered to order in the UK, which means that you should always be able to match the frames and fabrics

2)    Pinnable surface.  Many cheap screens are made from a hollow-core board, or hardboard over a basic wood frame. This means that you won’t be able to pin anything to them. If you want this feature you need to make sure you specifically request it

3)    Aesthetics. You may have seen a cheap screen you like, but have you noticed that the top and side edges ( where the two pieces of fabric are joined) are covered with a very basic piece of plastic trim.  For a few pounds extra you can ask to have these edges fabric wrapped in a matching material. This greatly improved the appearance of the screen

4)    Fabric choice.  Cheap office screens are usually upholstered in a basic coarse weave fabric, in a fairly bland or staid colour. Again for a few pounds more you could upgrade to a tighter weave fabric in a more personal colour, which significantly improve the look of your office

5)    Sound absorbing properties.  Don’t presume that a cheap screen is going to help reduce the sound levels in your office, as they won’t. Or rather they will, but to such a minor extent that you will not be able to detect any overall improvement.

In these cases you really need to speak to a professional office furniture dealer, as there are many factors to consider with regard to noise reduction, and he will be able to give you the benefit of his experience.

There are specific sound absorbing foams, which can be incorporated into the screens and which will absorb most of the sound rather than reflect it, but how great the difference is will be determined by other factors in your office

6)    Screen supports. Basic screens are usually supplied with a metal inverted T leg which will support the screen in most situations. But if you have your screens made to order, the dealer can look at your proposed layout and propose alternative methods or screen support, which improve rigidity, safety, and the look of the screens. Half feet, round feet, wall mount and dwarf screens are all available through the made to order route

7)    Linking strips. There are many decent linking devices which do not rely on the plastic dumb-bell arrangement normally found on cheap screens. Some are almost invisible, and some comprise a stylish extruded metal upright with a hidden linking strip, but all are much more attractive than a standard budget screen

As with most things in like, you really do get what you pay for, so it is worth considering exactly what you want.

You may pay a little more but the screens will suit your purpose exactly.

The budget office screen may have been cheap, but that is no consolation when it doesn’t do its job