QSL tenders – important advice

A year or so ago we decided to take a proactive approach to our marketing and look at tender business, so we agreed to try out the service offered by QSL tenders. After a two week initial trial we agreed to sign up for a year and QSL duly sent us an invoice.

No problem we thought, and paid the bill for one year’s subscription.
After a few months we realised that the information that we were getting from QSL tenders was not really of any use to what we were doing, so we stopped using the service, and just let the subscription run to its normal expiry.

After all, on the welcome page of their website, its states that if you do not cancel your trial by  the agreed date, your subscription will continue for a further 12 months and we( QSL tenders) will invoice your business.

This to us is concise, straightforward and easy to understand.

However what QSL tenders should have added, is that we ( QSL tenders) will automatically renew your subscription, indefinitely, until you give notice to cancel your subscription, and this notice to be by email only.

So beware of QSL tenders cancellation policy as it is not what we would normally expect in business, and it is not made clear when you sign up for the free trial and subsequent subscription.

QSL tenders do make their cancellation policy very clear in their terms and conditions, which are sent to you, highlighted in red, once you have fallen foul of their cancellation policy

So beware of this as the trial may cost you more than expected.

Whilst  looking into this matter we searched the internet for QSL tenders and found more than a few pages of comments about their general business practices. 
We are not here to make comment about them, but they certainly made for interesting reading