Ten ways to improve your office environment

We all spend too many hours in the office,  with most  workers spending more of their waking hours at their office desk than at home.  So to help you we have come up with our top ten best improvements to make you happier at work :-

1) Decent Office chair  –  Most businesses do not  spend enough money on an office chair. A decent, fully adjustable synchronomic  operator chair with height adjustable armrests will only cost a few hundred pounds. Most are guaranteed for 5 years which equates to twenty pence a day to help look after your staffs back. Think about it; just a couple of days off with back-ache in 5 years would cost more than the chair did.

2) Quality lighting  –  As we recently discovered,  the cost of changing your standard fluorescent bulbs to natural daylight ones was money well spent.  The lighting is ( as you would expect) more natural, and less tiring. This means less headaches and increased productivity.

3) Desk top power and data modules  – Nowadays, with laptops, phones and PDA’s, everyone needs to charge something at their desk.  Climbing under you desk on a regular basis is both uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. How much nicer it is to plug into a power port mounted next to your monitor.
4) Sound absorbing foam. Although quite expensive, this material can really help the acoustics in your offices.  This foam can be used in wall mounted artwork, floor standing and desk mounted screens, office chair upholstery, cladding panels for steel storage units, and even ceiling panels, to help absorb and deflect unwanted noise.

5) Air conditioning. Not the easiest of things to add retroactively, but depending on location and requirements, simple cassette type air conditioning units can be installed quite cheaply, and will make a huge difference to your workspace or office  environment, even in our temperate climate.
6) Wireless keyboard and mouse. You probably have one of these already, but if you don’t, get one. They are cheap, and after using one for a while, you will wonder how you ever managed with a wired version.

7) Large monitor. Again most people have already moved up to a 19 or 21 inch monitor, and already now how much better it makes using the computer. Make sure you spend as much as you can though, as in this case both size and quality really do matter.
8) Effective cable management. These days, there is no excuse for having wire spaghetti under your desk. Look online or contact your office furniture for details of the many innovations on the market to help you with your cable management.

9) Close to hand personal filing.  Even though most of the stuff we need is on the internet, we still need some localised storage for reference material and stationery, and of course our personal effects. Desk height or under desk pedestals are find for this, and are available in many different sizes.

10) More money.  Nothing helps improve your attitude to your working environment than having a bit more spending money at the end of the week.