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2016 office furniture brochure now available

CH Workspace are pleased to advise that our new Design 2 office furniture brochure is now available.

Our main ranges are have been CHW Catalogue cover 2016updated but remain essentially the same, but we have added a few new ranges to the portfolio.

As well as updates on our standard ranges we have added a couple of exciting ranges both in the operator and executive desk categories.

In addition our  range of office storage has been enhanced with a new line of steel tambour cupboards.

With regard to seating we have a completely new range of soft seating for reception areas and meeting rooms, as well as some very Shared spaces 161state of the art cubicles and acoustic pods,  with multimedia capabilities. These units are becoming more and more popular as office space becomes more expensive. Meetings no longer have to be conducted in meeting rooms

Gloss reception counterOur range of reception counters has also been enhanced to include glass counters and facias, with built in drop down sections to meet D.D.A requirements.

In the meeting table section we have brought back some of our larger more popular ranges and have added  some new dark wood finishes to our range of modular meeting tables.

Our range of executive office furniture now includes  Mundi and Kara, which have been revised and enhanced over the last few years, plus some new  designer ranges like Actium and  M38.  Another popular range which has been carried over is the Rio glass executive range, which is now also available with wood finish tops.

The office seating range has also been updated with some new models, both for operator and for executive seating.  More breakout and soft seating has also been added to  give the buyer more choice,  whilst still retaining that important benefit of large stocks and fast delivery and installation.

If you would like us to send you a free copy of our 290 page office furniture brochure then please click here.






Astro Arche Bench desk range

CH Workspace are pleased to be able to offer yet another cost effective bench desk range, which is available from stock for delivery in a matter of days.
Although this range is primarily designed as a bench desk system, where intermediate legs are used to support two desk tops, and are set back underneath the desk, standard rectangular and radial desks are also available from stock.

The desk tops are available in beech, cherry, maple, wenge, white and light grey and there is a choice of aluminium, graphite grey or white for the framework. This range is one of our best selling contract bench desk ranges and consequently the pricing is very competitive.

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Danny Buchan leads again

Once again Danny Buchan has managed to finish on the podium at what is arguably his worst track in the calendar. And he was riding a borrowed bike.

The Superstock 1000 cc race was the first one on the card at a wet and windy Thruxton on the bank holiday Monday, although thankfully the morning stayed dry enough for the race to be started on slicks.

Danny has managed a disappointing 8th place on the formation grid for the race, mainly due to having to spend so much time setting up the bike for this circuit ( this is the first time that Danny Buchan has raced a litre bike here)

The track is incredibly fast and equally incredibly bumpy, so it is very  important to get both the gearing and the suspension absolutely correct, which judging by Danny’s first few corners, is exactly what his mechanics had done.

By the end of the first lap Danny was lying 4th, hot on the back wheel of his teammate Howie Mainwaring , who was also doing very well, running in 3nd place.  At one point there was also another green zx10 in the mix at the front ridden by  Victor Cox

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Chair mechanisms explained

From £1 per week

All too often we advise our customers to go for a synchronomic mechanism on their operator chair, as it is the best mechanism by far, but invariably we find that the users of the office chair are not operating them as intended. 

The design of the synchronous mechanism is such that the back rest of the office chair is intended to remain in the free floating position, with the tension spring adjusted so that the floating backrest just supports the user’s weight.

The idea behind this design is that the users back is supported, but not completely, and this support is able to move with the user as he or she moves around in the chair, whilst carrying out typical office tasks.

Whether the user is sitting bolt upright, typing on a keyboard, or leaning back, reading some literature, all the time the chair’s backrest is supporting the users back to a significant degree.

This method of support  encourages good posture and prevents slouching in the chair, which is not ideal for prolonged periods of time.

The problem is that if the user is not familiar with this type of mechanism, the permanently floating support feels wrong, and very soon the user simply locks the backrest of the chair in his or her favoured position and leaves it like that.

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Movable office meeting rooms.

These days the office buzzword is flexibility. Hot desking, break out areas, mobile pedestal garages, flip top and folding tables, are all words most modern businesses understand. They mean adaptable work environments, which can change to suit what’s needed next week, not next year.

We have come a long way since offering mobile pedestals as a flexible alternative to fixed pedestals, Moving the pedestal out from under the desk gives you more room if you are training someone for example, or provides a handy additional temporary worktop when sorting or researching old files.

Meeting room furniture has also come a long way since the big heavy boardroom table.  Lightweight flip top tables on lockable castors make light work of reconfiguring meeting rooms in minutes, and can be done by any member of staff.

Folding and stackable chairs , along with meeting furniture trolleys make it quick and easy to clear rooms for buffets, or fill them with chairs for seminars.
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Sleeping at your office desk is good for you

Most people suffer the post prandial doldrums, when concentration is difficult and sleep seems to be the only thing you can think about. So you sit there, in a semi conscious daze until something snaps you out of it, or try to get through some of your work on autopilot. Very dangerous if you are a surgeon or an airline  pilot, unless you are, of course, on autopilot.

But recent studies have shown that this feeling is normal for our bodies, as more energy is directed from other functions in order to digest our lunch.

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Cheap shelving delivered in days

Our range of stocked office shelving is designed to suit all locations, from the store room to executive offices, and all ranges are available from stock for delivery within a few days. Also, delivery and installation is included within the quote price.

The entry level of office shelving is our multi-purpose shelving range, available with either blue or dark grey uprights and grey shelves. The system comprises a starter unit, with 4 uprights, to which can be added any number of add-on units.

These add-on units share two of the starter units uprights which increases storage space and keeps the overall costs down.  Each bay is around a metre in width and is supplied in standard heights of 100, 200 or 240 cm, although the uprights can be cut to any length on request.

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Reception chairs – a buyers guide

You office reception area can be one of the hardest areas to plan, as so many variables have to be taken into account. Issues like access, security, health and safety, and lighting all need to be addressed and for this we would also advise contacting a local office furniture dealer for help and advice, which is often free.

But how do you go about deciding of what seating you want in your reception area?

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9 Ways to Pimp Your Cubicle

9 Ways to Pimp Your Office

Most of us spend our days in a drab cubicle, with grey walls, grey chairs, grey walls outside those cubicle walls, grey lighting, grey computer, and you probably sit in grey building in your grey suit (or “business casual” derivative). Ahh, whoever thought up office design in the 1980s must have really been of fan of grey and consequently has been the staple of office design since then.

However, a few companies are breaking the trend, some of them are downright weird, some of them look awesome. Take for example this:

home, sweet, home
home, sweet, home

This insidious device is the standard office chair, probably the same chair that you’re sitting on right now, day after day, year after year. However, other companies are trying to change that and spice things up a little. From getting you to exercise to just plain weird, I bring you: “The Top Most amazing/weirdest chairs to help pimp out Your office”. (I’m one for short and concise titles)

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