A Buyers Guide to Folding and Flip-Top Tables

Folding and Flip Top Tables
Folding and Flip Top Tables

As a major office furniture dealer, CH Workspace can supply a wide range of folding and flip top tables. Before you start, you need to consider the type of table you need.
Folding tables generally have legs that fold together under the table top, although there are exceptions to this rule as we will see later.
Flip-top tables have legs that stay upright, but a table top that flips from the horizontal to the vertical position.
Both flip-top tables and folding tables are generally modular in design, so that a group of tables can be pushed together to form a larger unit, including half-moon and curved units for table ends etc. Because they are designed to be mobile, most folding and flip-top tables have wheels or castors to enable them to be moved easily.

Linking kits and storage/transport trolleys are usually available for all of these types of table, please make sure that you enquire and that you are aware of the prices – storage trolleys can be quite expensive in relation to the tables themselves.

Basic Folding Table
Basic Folding Table

The most basic model of folding tables are those from GDB Design. There are four basic models to choose from, rectangular (120 x 80cm and (160 x 80cm), a 90 degree corner unit and a 160 x 80cm half moon. They have tubular metal folding legs in graphite finish and a 22mm melamine top in light grey or cherry. They are available from our office furniture stock and can be delivered in as little as five working days. Prices are about £115 for the smallest rectangular unit.

The Deluxe Folding Tables, also from GDB Design, are stylish and functional tables with 25mm, non-reflective, hard-wearing HPC tops with impact-resistant ergosoft edging. Optional linking kit and storage/transport trolley available. They are available in a wider range of sizes and finishes, and are guaranteed for five years. Prices start at £230.

The Hawker range of sturdy, simple, efficient storeable tables are available in a wide range of sizes and finishes. The full range is available in both folding and flip-top format, in seven different finishes. Folding variants start at about £300, flip-tops at about £400. They have lockable castors and come with a choice of chrome or grey frame.

EFT Folding Tables are unique concertina folding tables, requiring no tools for rapid and safe storage. When the tops are removed, the leg frames fold together for easy storage. Special mobile storage trolleys are available. These tables are available in eight different melamine finishes, and unusually for a table of this style, two different real wood veneers. Prices start at £280 for a melamine finish and £420 for a veneer.

The SV Fliptop Table range have a flip top that may be easily released simply by pulling a single catch and then pivoted through 90° from horizontal to vertical. Tables may then be nested together to save space or moved through doorways with much reduced risk of damage. These tables are available in a very wide range of melamine and wood veneer finishes.