A Buyers Guide to Office Lockers

Office Lockers
Office Lockers

Now that call centres are a standard part of the office furniture catalogue, we need to consider all the other furniture and equipment that is required to supplement the call centre desks. In call centres it is common that office workers are not allowed to take personal equipment such as mobile phones, laptop computers etc to their desks. They also need storage space for raincoats, umbrellas etc.
Many call centres use standard office lockers as suitable, secure storage for these personal items. The standard metal lockers used to be common in factory and workshop environments, but they needed a designer touch to be suitable for the normal office environment. CH Workspace now have this type of office locker in their main office furniture catalogue.
The first thing to consider is whether you need a so-called clean-use or dirty-use locker. Clean-use lockers have a single partition and are used in a normal office environment, whereas dirty-use lockers have two partitions so that clean clothes can be separated from dirty clothes. These are used where there is a cleanroom, for example electronics manufacture, or where there is a dirty working environment and workers are using overalls etc.
It is always good to have proper ventilation for office lockers, as long as it doesn’t compromise security. Wet clothes stored in an enclosed environment can be pretty smelly after an eight hour shift!
The next thing you have to think about is how to get the lockers into the area where you want them to be installed. Some office lockers come in groups of up to three lockers, whilst other come flat-packed and are easier to move into place.

Standard Office Lockers
Standard Office Lockers

The CH Workspace offer starts with the self-assembly, flat-packed locker which is available in a starter pack at £80 and an addon pack at £70. They can be assembled in units of any number, starting and ending with a starter pack. They are simple to assemble, and require no tools. They are available with a light grey frame, with either matching grey or blue doors.
The next level up is the standard one-piece locker which is available in a light grey steel finish in either clean or dirty configurations. They are available in 2-door units at £155 or 3-door units at £205.
The Designer one-piece lockers are the next step up, with light grey frames and doors in light grey or blue. These sturdy and secure units are available in either clean-use or dirty-use configurations and start at £195 for a double locker unit.
CH Workspace also stock multi-compartment offfice lockers for the storage of smaller personal effects such as mobile phones and laptop computers. These start at £220 for a five-door tower unit in light grey.
A wide range of accessories, such as high security hasps and locks is available for most models in the range and all of these units are held in stock for quick delivery – as little as five working days from order.