Home office furniture at affordable prices

These days everyone is looking to save money and all those cheap bargains from China seem to have gone away (probably a good thing as cheap is not the same as value for money).

So what do you do if you are looking for some good quality office furniture for your home office or study.

The man made office furniture finishes you see in most offices are fine for the workplace but do you really want it for your home?

The main reason that MFC is used for office desks is that it is cheap, very hard wearing and will not fade with time, so when you add to the office desks you already have, the finishes will match.

These are not problems we usually face at home so it would be nice to buy some office  furniture which is not  man made.

But when you start looking at wood veneers you suddenly realise that the price is considerably more expensive than the man made desks.

So a compromise between the two is needed, and a good option which suits everyone would be a pine finish option.

This style matches with most home furniture and doors etc, has a timeless look and feel, and is warm and inviting.

And the best part is that this pine effect board makes very sturdy and good value home office  furniture

For example the  150 cm wide study desk shown here,  with  7 fully opening drawers and brass effect handles can be delivered to anywhere in the UK for under £200.

Matching four drawer filing units are only £180 and an open bookcase with 5 wood shelves would cost you less than £130.

These are exceptional prices for good quality stylish home office  furniture.

If your study or spare bedroom is a little cramped but you still need a workstation for you computer or your kids homework, then  a single pedestal desk might be the thing.

At only 120 cm wide and 70 cm deep, the false drawer front opens to reveal space for your Computer Processor  and a shelf for discs, software and other bits of computer hardware.

And the best bit is that the price of this well thought out and compact traditional computer desk is under £150.

That certainly represents incredible value for money.