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Acoustic Art

Acoustic Wall Panels
Acoustic Wall Panels

Sound absorbing wall panels are an excellent option, particularly when combined with absorptive ceiling systems and other acoustic  furniture systems.
They have a lower absorption rating than ceiling panels. Nevertheless, they provide an excellent way of reducing reverberation, particularly in areas where other options such as screens, dividers and wall art would be inappropriate.
Reducing the reverberation time is not the only bonus to using these panels. They may also prevent the formation of annoying flutter echoes which often occur between parallel reflective walls. Continue reading Acoustic Art

Accoustics at Work – Introduction

Acoustics and Sound Reduction

We can now analyse the client’s acoustic environment in order to provide a solution based service to deal with noise problems. We supply a wide range of office furniture products including screens, storage, seating, ceilings, carpets, wall panels, blinds, and masking systems all with effective acoustic properties, designed to control noise and reverberation in the workplace. Use our simple acoustics scoring system to choose products that are right for you the client. Continue reading Accoustics at Work – Introduction