CHW sponsors Danny Buchan for 2011

Once again CHW( office furniture) is proud to be one of  Danny Buchans private sponsors for 2011.
Some of you may know that last year we also sponsored Danny who was riding in the British Superstock 600 class – a support class to the British Superbikes championship.

In 2010, Danny Buchan, as a rookie in this class, finished the season with an overall 3rd place, which, to be honest, could have been a first, had it not been for a cruel and unfortunate  engine misfire in the last race or the season at Oulton Park.

Still, a third place in the championship in a rookie year is a major achievement and has given  him the opportunity to ride in the Superstock 1000 class for 2011.

This year ( as last year) he will be riding for the MSS Colchester Kawasaki team, on the latest incarnation of the ZX10, which by all accounts is a state of the art machine, bristling with the most up to date cutting edge technology.

Danny Buchan has already proved himself a worthy contender for this years championship, with a 1st, a 2nd and a 3rd with only 3 races run to date this season.
Danny has matured incredibly since he became involved in British Superbikes at the age of 17, just over one year ago.  This maturity has allowed Danny to see further than the next corner, and to plan a campaign for the whole race.

Some of Danny’s tactics and manoeuvres belie that fact that he is only eighteen, and has only ridden a 1000 cc superbike in three  races.  Even the commentators on the TV coverage of his races, have mentioned that he rides and thinks like a campaign veteran.

Danny Buchans attitude to his racing also has to be commended, Whilst most of his piers are playing Call of Duty, drinking, or chasing girls, Danny  Buchan religiously follows a rigorous daily training and work-out routine.

He is just about the fittest 18year old, both physically and mentally , that we have even seen, and we are sure that this will contribute to his success.

The old SAS saying of “train hard, fight easy” comes to mind with Danny Buchan. In motorcycling, as with most sports, endurance, fitness, strength and stamina play a massive part in how successful you can be. If you are quick on a bike you may win a few races at club level, but you won’t progress through the ranks to become one of the top riders.

Danny has all of this , plus a natural talent and skill which could be seen, even in his early years of motocross.

We have known Danny since he was about 6 years old riding in the Junior motocross competitions.

Dannys father, Jim Buchan, is the boss of the team which fits all of our office furniture. It is his warehouse where most of our fast delivery office chairs and tables are stocked
Plus having  Jim Buchan, his dedicated Dad and main sponsor, probably helps as well

So keep an eye and ear out for Danny Buchan in the support races of the British Superbike Championship meetings.  At Danny’s current pace, we dont think that it will be  long before he is riding in the main event.
And if you feel like being part of his success, there are still some personal sponsorship spaces available.

We wish Danny Buchan every success for this year, and will be going to as many British superbike meetings as possible.

Look out for the CHW liveried motor-home, and join us for a drink