Defi Office furniture now in stock

For 2010 the Defi range of Operator desks will be available from stock, which means delivery and installation will once again be about a week for this range.

This range has been available from us for a number of years  on a longer lead time, but due to the substantial demand – it is very well priced for a steel frame office desk – we have decided to make it available from stock again.

With six desk top finishes and two frame finishes to choose from, all available from stock at very competitive prices, we are sure that it will be a top seller for us and a good choice for you.

The Defi range of desking follows our usual format in that the main desk is available in the following formats :-

1) Rectangular – All standard widths of desk ( 80,120,140,160 and 180cm) and 80cm depth, are available from stock  with prices starting at £190 including delivery and installation.

25 mm wood or grey finish tops with a welded steel frame and wire managed steel cross beam


2) Wave –  These are similar to rectangular desks, except that one end is 100cm and the straight edge of the desk is then radiused into this larger dimension. 

It allows the user of the desk to sit at a slight angle to the desk, which increases legroom and allows a greater distance between the user and the computer screen, than would be available with a rectangular desk.

There is a choice of a single or a double wave on the 160cm wide desk.
3) Radial or crescent desk. Again the base for this desk would be a 160 or 180cm rectangular desk, except that one edge is increased in width to 120 cm. The user edge of the desk is then radiused into the end of the larger end but finished 60cm inboard of the corner of this longer end. 

This shape looks like a crescent, or a fat handled hockey stick.  It is the shape we have all seen many times in offices all over the world and is the ideal desk for large computers screens or monitors. 

The 60cm end lends itself to having a desk height pedestal attached to it, offering even more desk space and a decent sized set of drawers. This desk is available from stock in the 160 and 180cm sizes.

In addition to the main desk shapes above there are some other hybrids such as the 120 degree compact Defi desk and a desk and meeting end combination.
The Defi range is available is a choice of finishes , caramel cherry, copper pear, salmon beech, light beech, white maple and grey, with a choice of graphite or aluminium finished frames.

As you would expect from all our ranges of office furniture, the Delfi range is complimented with  matching storage cupboards, desk drawer units, meeting tables, and desk extension units, which are all available from stock, along with a comprehensive range of office seating, from budget chairs right up to leather ergonomic armchairs.