Format launched by CH Workspace

Another exciting budget range of office furniture joins our ranks for 2010.
Format, and Format 1 have both been designed to offer a fuss free and stylish addition to our comprehensive range of budget  furniture.

Designed primarily with cost in mind,  Format is nevertheless a robust and substantially built furniture range, with 25mm desk tops and 2mm thick impact resisting edging.

Five different wood finishes are available from stock along with the standard light grey, and you can choose either full width panel ends to the main office desks, or a stylish C frame with a full width extruded metal foot.

The range names differentiate the type of leg frame with Format being the desks with a full panel end frame, and Format 1 being the lighter looking C frame design

The desks are available in the standard rectangular sizes as well as the very popular crescent or radial desk. There is even a compact 120 degree radial desk available, which is something you don’t often expect to see within a range of budget furniture.

The  pedestals, or drawer units are available in desk height or under desk form.

You can choose either a metal or a wood finish and there is an option on the number of drawers in each unit.

In addition there is also a good range of matching steel tambour units and wood finish storage cupboards to choose from, with either matching wood finish or glass doors.

Meeting tables and desk extensions are also available from stock at very reasonable prices.

And with the rectangular desks with panel legs starting at prices as low as £150 including delivery and installation you really can afford your perfect office.

We can also supply you with good value operator chairs, or if you prefer some well priced executive leather armchairs. 

We can even help you with the space planning if you are not sure what sized office desks you could get away with, or if you just need advice about what options you have which would suit the space you have.

So, with all of the advantages of  price, style and finish options, a wide range of complimentary office furniture and  chairs, and with a delivery and installation time of 4 to 5 days, you really could be sitting in your new office this time next week