Meeting tables for smaller offices

Over the years we have seen training and meeting rooms getting smaller and smaller.
The need to fit more people in and have more meeting rooms, has meant that offices are constantly being reconfigured to meet these demands.

Which is why we have added to our range of meeting tables which are available from stock, a smaller version of our popular and well priced barrel shaped meeting table.

This new table looks exactly like its bigger brother, but is slightly shorter at  two metres long and only one metre wide ( at its widest point) .

The flat ends of the table are eighty centimetres, which is also slightly less than its bigger brother.

And, provided you are careful about which meeting chairs you choose, this table can still seat up to 8 persons.

In fact it is so versatile that we have even fitted central power and data outlets to one of these for a customer to use as a hot- desking station for a varying number of sales representatives. These busy people are out most of the day so separate desk space for them all could not be justified.

Instead they use one room for all 8 of them, with one of these desks which they can plug their laptops into. Most of the time there are a maximum of 4 or 5 sales people in this room, but occasionally they are all there,  for a meeting, which is what the meeting table has been designed for.

A simple solution which gives them more than they would have with individual desks, with a very small compromise in terms of individual office desk size.

To keep the cost down, these meeting tables can be fitted with 60mm tubular steel legs, or you can opt for a flattened pedestal base, which is slightly more expensive but gives even more leg room.

This table is also available in all of our operator desk finishes to go with all of our ranges of stocked office furniture, which are White Maple, Light Beech, Salmon Beech, Copper pear, Cherry, Light Grey, Cinnamon Walnut, and Chocolate Wenge.

Quite a few options to choose from and all available from stock, with prices starting as low as £250 including delivery and installation.