Office furniture innovations

Its not often that something comes along in  our  industry that is truly unique and exciting but we think that we have found it.

In reality it is more “office furniture meets technology” than just a different take on an office desk, but nevertheless it is truly groundbreaking and if priced correctly, could be the next big thing to hit offices all over the world.

The Company which came up with it is FG Technology in Northampton, who are a business partner of ours. They have been working  for years on improving  our workspace and have come up with various innovative products and designs in the past.

So what have they come up with this time?

Well,  the picture on the right gives you a clue. By using a remote control unit the CPU at each workstation can be moved to a central location up to 20 metres away.  So all you need at your desk is a small receiver/transmitter unit, which also houses the disk drive, usb points and other connections.

This receiver/transmitter unit can be simply attached to the underside of the desk, or better still , integrated into the design of the desk. So you get all of the usability and function of your existing computer, without the noise, heat, and loss of valuable space which you have to put up with now.

The improved ergonomic and aesthetics mean a better working environment for all the office staff, and if required the network can be made more secure by having the CPU’s in a secure area, and the desk unit’s optical drive can be disabled.

Not having the  CPU on the floor under the desk, or fixed to a CPU cradle,  also means not having  unsightly power and data cables on show, as the transmitter /receiver unit can be powered from a central module fixed to the underside of the desk. 

 This innovative system also does away with the need for network cabling to all office desks, as all that is required is that the grouped together CPU’s are simply daisy chained networked together. Much easier with regard to the installation, and much easier to maintain if anything goes wrong.

There are also other advantages to incorporating this technology into your office, such as reduced air-conditioning costs in the main working area, and improved safety overall – less trailing wires.
Also the transmitter/receiver units can be programmed to shut down the CPU’s  when not in use for a predetermined length of time.
All in all,  a very high tech answer to a problem which affects virtually all offices at the moment. For more details about this exciting innovation in office furniture and other office technology please contact one of our representatives