Phenix desks back in stock

After a few years absence Phenix office desks are once again back in stock and available for delivery within a matter of days.
This furniture range was a stock range a few years ago, but had to make way for some new executive ranges which we wanted to make available quickly.

But popular demand has meant that this well priced wood veneer executive range has risen from the ashes to take its well deserved place amongst the wide range of executive furniture which we hold in stock.

In case you cannot remember these stylish executive desks from our office furniture brochures in the past, this range is very traditional with big slabs of dark wood and angular edge details, giving you the impression that it was made by hand by craftsman, many years ago. 

The only hint that Phenix  is a modern design is in the drawer and cupboard handles which are brushed aluminium.
This finish has been carried through to the storage cupboard doors which have an aluminium frame around the glass doors. In addition the actual carcase of the storage units are aluminium finish, although you can have a dark grey finish if you prefer.

Even the meeting table has a traditional cruciform base to it, which is made from, basically large panels of the desktop. This gives an old fashioned, chunky, built to last forever feeling about this furniture range, which is certainly not reflected in the price.
The main Phenix desk is nearly 230 cm wide, including the oversize drawer unit or pedestal which supports one side.  A unique feature of this unit is the back of the drawer unit ( the side opposite the pedestal drawer fronts) which has been recessed by about 15 cm to allow a shelf to be added.

This creates an unusual  detail and offers a space for some imaginative styling feature, or just some books if you prefer.

There are standard pedestals available in the Phenix range, as well as the really useful free standing return on castors, giving you the flexibility of a freely movable side desk and storage facility

The meeting table is this range is really stylish with its panel ends and central modesty section.

 The top is 30mm thick but looks even more substantial due to the elegantly cut back veneered edges.

Once again the whole effect gives an impression of a hand made boardroom table costing thousands of pounds.

The reality is that this effect can be had for less than one thousand and within a few days.