White office desks – the new finish.

Over the last 12 months we have seen an explosion in customers wanting to have their office desk tops finished in white, and also expressing a preference to have white desk frames as well.

Luckily most office furniture manufacturers have risen to the challenge of this new finish and have added white to their standard options list.

 We stock a number of ranges of office furniture which are available in a white finish, from stock, with a white desk frame option available at no additional cost.

These requests for white desks and accessories seems to have originated  in the domestic furniture and kitchen market, where white has become exceedingly and increasingly  popular.
More and more architects and house builders have been incorporating white finishes into their new designs and consumers have wanted to continue their  theme through their home furniture and then through to their office desks and storage units.

In the car industry the experts have been throwing around the phrase  “white is the new black”, and judging by the number of pimped up white Range Rovers on the road, it seems that the public have taken this phrase to heart. Or at least the footballers and their wives have.

In the mid seventies, office desk tops were usually dove grey or non reflective white, and usually made of a laminated surface such as Formica.  Then, with the advent of melamine imprint technology desk tops started to resemble wood, again, just like the old days. 

Sapele and Mahogany to start with, which was then replaced with the ubiquitous Oak and light Oak finish desks.  Then more and more imitation wood finishes were added- Apple, beech, Ash, Maple and Cherry all had their turn.

A few brave office furniture manufacturers experimented with pastel and metallised finishes, which appealed to certain newly emerging and trendy businesses ( marketing, Internet and Dot Coms), but these finishes, although more than a fad, never grew to a large enough number to be called a trend.

But suddenly white has stormed the office  furniture market, in the same way as black dining furniture stormed the market in the eighties ( remember Heal’s ?)

Bench desking ranges, for some reason, look strangely elegant and stylish, when finished in white, with white and silver desk top  screens. They look more modern and professional than some of the standard wood finish desks which still rule the market.

As more and more people try to bring more colour and style into their workspace, using funky fabrics for their office chairs and  weird shapes  in their reception areas, perhaps the clean and clinical look of the white office desks  provides a perfect backdrop for the design ideas.

Whatever the reason we are confident that the “white” phenomenon is not going to disappear anytime soon.