Accoustics at Work – Introduction

Acoustics and Sound Reduction

We can now analyse the client’s acoustic environment in order to provide a solution based service to deal with noise problems. We supply a wide range of office furniture products including screens, storage, seating, ceilings, carpets, wall panels, blinds, and masking systems all with effective acoustic properties, designed to control noise and reverberation in the workplace. Use our simple acoustics scoring system to choose products that are right for you the client.

Projects to date
Since the Acoustics system launch, we have completed large scale projects for a leading mobile phone company, a national breakdown recovery company, a television broadcasting company, and a major bank amongst many smaller projects.

Increase Productivity
Noise reduction in the workplace not only reduces stress, it increases concentration and productivity. Read our white paper to find out more.

Don’t ask us! Ask them!

  • “More than 70% of workers believe noise is the most significant workplace distraction”
  • “Over 80% of workers believe a quieter environment would enable them to be more productive”
  • “The majority of workers believe reducing distracting noise increases their productivity”
  • “The majority of workers identify conversation as the type of noise that most affects work performance”

The modern work place is now an open plan arena. The private office has been swept away, as more flexible working practices have emerged. Yet for all their advantages, most open plan offices still suffer from the distraction of noise.
Acoustics at Work exists to offer businesses the ability to manage sound levels with a high degree of accuracy, ensuring that productivity and privacy are maintained, whatever other barriers fall within the work place.

Over the coming weeks we will be offfering more articles in this series.

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