How tidy is your desk? Accessories to help you organise

If you are one of the super organised people out there then you may have a nice tidy desk with everything to hand and a home for all your bits and pieces. If your one of the majority then your desk is probably far from tidy. If you have piles of paper, pens and pencils and the usual office paraphernalia scattered across your desk then maybe you should look at some of the latest ranges in desk accessories.

If its time to tidy your desk first take a look what you have on the desk and in the drawers and decide if you actually need it. The general rule is that the more places you give people to store things the more rubbish they will accumulate so be ruthless and clear out all the unnecessary junk. Chances are there will be things in the bottom of your pedestal that haven’t been looked at in months and if that’s the case then either file them properly or throw them out. How many pens and pencils do you actually need? Get rid of the rubbish.

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Paying for your new desks

Most office furniture dealers will be able to offer some sort of credit arrangement (subject to your status), but will probably require a deposit with order. This can range from 30% up to 75% depending whether the furniture is available from stock, made to order to a stock design, or made to your exact specification and requirement.
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