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Astro Arche Bench desk range

CH Workspace are pleased to be able to offer yet another cost effective bench desk range, which is available from stock for delivery in a matter of days.
Although this range is primarily designed as a bench desk system, where intermediate legs are used to support two desk tops, and are set back underneath the desk, standard rectangular and radial desks are also available from stock.

The desk tops are available in beech, cherry, maple, wenge, white and light grey and there is a choice of aluminium, graphite grey or white for the framework. This range is one of our best selling contract bench desk ranges and consequently the pricing is very competitive.

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White bench desks available from stock

The demand for white office furniture seems to be increasing as each year goes by, presumably as a result of many architects specifying white furniture and fittings for the domestic market.

Consequently many UK manufacturers have been quick to add a white finish to their office furniture ranges.

And one of the most popular styles of desk at the moment is the bench desk.

This is because they are very efficient at optimising the number of employees, in a given area, and are more space efficient than the circular pods of worktops which used to be called call centre desks.

Their shape means that they are easy to make, and therefore relatively cheap.  They are usually available in a range of sizes from 120 cm wide up to 180cm wide.

The depth of these desks almost always used to be 80cm, but with the advent of flat monitors and cheap monitor arms, 60cm deep bench desks are now available.

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Stylish bench desks from stock

CH Workspace are pleased to announce that we have another exciting range of bench desks which are

available from stock for delivery within a few days

The 4Work range has been with us in for a few years now, in the form of a range called 4Most, but now the range has been extended to provide some interesting options.

To begin with the  4Work  range  is available with either aluminium or jet black finish legs, with either a beech, oak, or white top. The legs have been designed for form as well as function, which is refreshing to see on an office furniture range.  Normally the legs are a fairly basic affair, and just designed to keep the desks from collapsing.

This time, the designers have gone to great length to make the leg detail an intricate part of the overall design, and in our opinion it works well.

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Express Office Line launched

In addition to our main office furniture brochure which details over 30,000 products, all of which are available for delivery and installation within five days we now have a range of products which are held in local stock ready for immediate dispatch.

This range of office furniture includes  panel and I frame desking, desk height and under desk mobile pedestals,  all available in a wide range of desk top finishes  and styles.

The main two ranges are called WALTON and GANTON  and offer a very comprehensive range of desk sizes and shapes.

Both ranges also offer a variety of desk top finishes and well as some optional frame finishes where relevant

The Ganton range is a panel ended system which looks like a  traditional style of office desk, whereas the Walton range is a more contemporary style with I frame of corner legs frames.

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White office desks – the new finish.

Over the last 12 months we have seen an explosion in customers wanting to have their office desk tops finished in white, and also expressing a preference to have white desk frames as well.

Luckily most office furniture manufacturers have risen to the challenge of this new finish and have added white to their standard options list.

 We stock a number of ranges of office furniture which are available in a white finish, from stock, with a white desk frame option available at no additional cost.

These requests for white desks and accessories seems to have originated  in the domestic furniture and kitchen market, where white has become exceedingly and increasingly  popular.
More and more architects and house builders have been incorporating white finishes into their new designs and consumers have wanted to continue their  theme through their home furniture and then through to their office desks and storage units.

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Bench desks – even more popular

A while ago we mentioned that more and more customers are asking us about bench desking, and it seems the numbers of enquires just keep on climbing.

The way we work today has meant the  radial or wave style of  desks are becoming less popular, mainly because they are now unnecessarily large. They were deigned for use with large CRT monitors, which in the main are now obsolete. With a flat screen an 80cm deep desk is deep enough to place the screen in the optimal position.

So saving redundant  desk space , means that more desks can be fitted into the same space, or more area dedicated to other uses, such as file storage, meeting areas, or breakout areas.  Another advantage is that the bench desks are invariably cheaper than a similar wave or radial desk.

In addition, when the desks are laid out as a long line of desks ( which is effectively what bench desking is) the intermediate legs can usually be shared, which further reduces the overall price.

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Flexible bench desks

Most office furniture manufacturers are offering  their own version of a bench desking system, ranging from a simple linked desk design to a high end all singing  and dancing cable managed, sliding top affair.

But in general  the main similarity is that the desks are designed as double desk ( two desk facing each other)  setups which can share their end legs with neighbouring desks.

This offers two advantages in terms of price and space as not so many legs are needed when compared to a free standing desk setup.

“OPEN”  is a budget range of office furniture which offers everything that a basic  bench desk range would offer and a little more.

The desks sizes are comprehensive, as you would expect (80 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm and 180 cm)  the systems comes with integral cable management, and the desk frame has been designed to accept a wide variety of central dividing desk mounted screens.

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Say goodbye to MT 40 and hello to Steel 4.0

After many years of successful sales and happy customers, The MT family of office furniture (MT20, MT30, MT40 and MT50) is finally to be pensioned off and is to be replaced by a more dynamic, but hopefully equally loved Steel range.

There are direct replacements for each of the MT ranges except for the humble MT20, which will have no replacement.  It has been decided that the wood modesty panel version of this range does not offer the same inherent rigidity and durability offered by it siblings which have either a steel modesty panel or an open beam support.

The leg detail on the new Steel furniture ranges differ slightly from the outgoing MT ranges, and there is a wider choice of finishes available from stock, but ostensibly the two ranges are very similar.
In bother cases the numeric section of the range name indicates the type of frame used on that range.
As before the 30 range (now Steel 3.0)  indicates that the range has a central I frame  leg frame and a open steel beam between the two leg frames.

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CHW new office furniture brochure is out

Our new office furniture brochure has just been printed and is available to existing and new customers.

Packed with over 25,000 products, all available from stock, it offers our customers a quick and convenient way of finding  out what is available in the business furniture market and how much it is going to cost. 

The old favourite are still there, with quite a few additions to each range, plus there is a host of exciting and innovative new ranges, which have never been seen before.

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