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Boardroom tables and value for money

Most businesses as some stage decide to buy some boardroom furniture, so that they can have a quality and luxurious meeting space for their customers, business managers and shareholders.

But invariably having the boardroom properly kitted out costs much more than originally anticipated.  The reasons for this are obvious but often overlooked.

First of all most boardroom tables are quite big and made with real wood. Real wood ( veneer) is very expensive when compared to an MFC finish normally associated with office furniture, and lots of it means a big price.

Secondly a big table means that a big number of chairs can be put around it.  If you are going to the expense of a  wood veneer table, it would not make sense to use some cheap fabric chairs to go with it, so once again a higher unit price multiplied by a large number means a bigger than expected cost.

We normally find that most boardrooms tend to have leather upholstery which further adds to the cost, but money can be saved here if a stylish fabric is specified instead.  In fact many  leather meeting chairs are now only leather faced ( matching vinyl is used on the back and base) which helps reduce costs.

At the top end of the leather chair pricing range is the quality leathers from Connelly and Muirhead for example. These are seriously expensive but the quality is second to none.
Further down the scale average quality hides are split into 3 layers, through their thickness to produce two very thin outer hides and one inner hide, which has no grain.

This middle hide  then mechanically stamped with a grain pattern on to give the impression of a real hide.
So three hides out of one can seriously reduce the unit cost of the leather chair.  However at this level of pricing most of these hides are stained black in order to hide the imperfections in the hide ( from barbed wire for example)

Also we often see vinyl and faux leather being used, and many of these imitate real leather very well.  Unfortunately many customers are put off by the word vinyl ( it was pretty bad 20 years ago) and it is now forbidden to hunt the faux for commercial reasons.

As with everything you really do get what you pay for, but there are some very inexpensive but good quality meeting room chairs out there in the market.
However there are also many which are imported form China which really do not stack up in terms of value for money, or continuity.

So, if you are going to spend a considerable amount of money on a new boardroom suite, it really would pay to speak to an office furniture dealer. Give them your budget and you may be surprised with what they can come up. After all they have been in this position many times whereas it is probably quite new to you.

The Office Furniture Apprentice

A few days ago I was watching the final of the UK TV programme, The Apprentice, with Sir Alan Sugar. Over a

BBC's The Apprentice
BBC The Apprentice

period of several months, competitors, in teams, have to carry out a series of business related tasks. Each week, Sir Alan fires one member of the losing team. What’s this got to do with office furniture?

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Leather meeting chairs – affordable style

Customers looking for a large table and chairs for their meeting room are  often surprised at the total cost of the office furniture, and this is nearly always to do with the number of meeting chairs required.

The single table, at around £2,000 seems a good deal, and £200 is a good price when you are looking at  a decent quality leather meeting chair, but when you need 12 of these, suddenly the cost of the chairs is more than the cost of the boardroom table.

Our solution is a well known range of meeting chairs called Passe-partout.  The range has been thoughtfully designed to offer a value for money solution to your seating requirement, from a straightforward  fabric covered  reception, visitor or meeting chair to a full leather cantilever armchair for your executive boardroom.

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Designing an effective meeting room

Bespoke Boardroom Furniture

As with all areas of the office a little thought and some careful planning will ensure that you create an effective meeting area. It is important to look at all requirements together rather than splitting furniture from decorations and audio visual as each impacts upon the other.

Probably the first consideration is to be sure what type of meetings you hold as this will probably dictate the type of table you purchase. If the meeting room has several functions such as board meetings, training Continue reading Designing an effective meeting room