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Astro Arche Bench desk range

CH Workspace are pleased to be able to offer yet another cost effective bench desk range, which is available from stock for delivery in a matter of days.
Although this range is primarily designed as a bench desk system, where intermediate legs are used to support two desk tops, and are set back underneath the desk, standard rectangular and radial desks are also available from stock.

The desk tops are available in beech, cherry, maple, wenge, white and light grey and there is a choice of aluminium, graphite grey or white for the framework. This range is one of our best selling contract bench desk ranges and consequently the pricing is very competitive.

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Express Office Line launched

In addition to our main office furniture brochure which details over 30,000 products, all of which are available for delivery and installation within five days we now have a range of products which are held in local stock ready for immediate dispatch.

This range of office furniture includes  panel and I frame desking, desk height and under desk mobile pedestals,  all available in a wide range of desk top finishes  and styles.

The main two ranges are called WALTON and GANTON  and offer a very comprehensive range of desk sizes and shapes.

Both ranges also offer a variety of desk top finishes and well as some optional frame finishes where relevant

The Ganton range is a panel ended system which looks like a  traditional style of office desk, whereas the Walton range is a more contemporary style with I frame of corner legs frames.

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Ganton and Walton desks available tomorrow

Although a large amount of our office furniture is available in 5 to 7 days we are still often asked for next day solutions from desperate customers who have left things to the last minute

So, since the beginning of June we have implemented an immediate shipment programme  called our “Express Office Line” and have produced a mini brochure to back it up.

The products in the brochure are held in stock in the Midlands, which means that we can literally deliver and install the office  furniture the next day, if required.

The two main desking ranges, Ganton and Walton, are both available in beech, white, oak, birch, walnut and olive finishes, in a variety of shapes and sizes from the standard rectangular desk to radial,  and even bow fronted executive desks.

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Office Furniture Budgets

Most of our customers have a good idea of what they have in mind or what they can afford for their office furniture requirements, but there are still those who really don’t have any idea, or  don’t really want to let us know what their budget it

This does present a serious problem to us, as office furniture  prices can vary enormously depending on specification and requirements.

For instance a basic 160cm rectangular operator desk with a steel frame, can cost as little as £100, but the same size desk, with a more stylish  desk frame, comprehensive cable management, and a thicker, better quality desk top, could cost as much as £700.

The same with call centre or bench desking. We sell entry level systems which work out at less than £200 per desk, but can offer top end systems at nearly £1,000 per desk.

In the same way as most cars are capable of getting you from A to B, safely and comfortably, some do it much better than others, and this is usually reflected in the price.

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Getting the right desk for the job

As with all things in life with office furniture you really do get what you pay for.

Cheap desks are cheap for many reasons, but primarily because they lack the functionality of more expensive desks.  This may be fine if you just want a flat surface  upon which to work but nowadays cable management is an essential requirement of even the most basic workstation and it is this capability which is missing on cheaper desks.

 So by the time you have purchased an under desk cable tray , and drilled some holes for cable ports into your desk top, you might as well have purchased a more expensive office desk, which already had these items incorporated into the design.

Many of the more expensive office furniture ranges have been designed very carefully to ensure that professional users get everything they require from their furniture. The desks are very well built, designed to easily surpass their five year warranty. They have full and integral cable management systems from floor to desk top.

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Cheap desks, expensive chairs

We know that we have said this before but when you are looking for new office furniture please remember our words.
If you don’t already know we will explain this again.

Put very simply a desk is just a flat surface on which to work and to place the things that you need for your work.

More money can buy you more space and a more stylish desk, and even a more attractively shaped desk, but in its essence it is still just providing you with a flat working surface.

An office chair on the other hand is supporting most of your body for many hours each day, five  days a weeks, for many years.

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Office Furniture now even faster

We have made it very clear on our website and in these blogs that a large percentage of our office furniture products are available from stock in 5 to 7 working days, but what if you can’t wait that long.

What if you need a meeting table and chairs by tomorrow morning.
What is you have suffered an office  flood or a fire, and need to get up and running without delay, in a rented or borrowed office space.

A week may seem like a fast  delivery time but in these situations at might as well be a month.

So to help out our customers we have picked a few basic but comprehensive ranges of desks, office chairs, storage units and meeting tables, and have placed a substantial quantity of each item into a stock facility at both of our UK installation warehouses.
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Format desks – cheap as chips

How does an executive style panel end radial desk for £190, including delivery and installation sound ?

If you think that this is too good to be true, then you had better look at our FORMAT range of office furniture.

The Format range has an extensive offering of desk shapes and sizes. Rectangular, compact ( waves and 120 degree ) and radial desks are all available from stock, with either a panel or an I frame desk end, in maple, light beech, salmon beech, copper pear, caramel cherry, or a grey finish.

With regard to storage both steel or wood finish mobile pedestals, as well as desk height pedestals are available from stock in this range, with prices starting at around £130 including delivery and installation.

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Traditional reception chairs at affordable prices

Looking for office chairs for your meeting room can be difficult at the best of times, but even more so if you have left it to the last minute and need them urgently.
Most reception seating is upholstered to order which means a lead time of around 3 to 4 weeks.   And if you trawl the internet all you seem to find is very cheap wood framed chairs with limited choice of one or two drab fabrics.

Before you decide to buy these as your best option given your circumstances, take some time to consider these three well priced and, most importantly, available from stock reception armchairs.

The first a more contemporary chair that the rest, whilst still being a classic meeting chair,  The box sides and back are upholstered in leather and the wood legs are a natural beech or a dark mahogany  stain.

These chairs will grace any traditional office or waiting area and cost under £130 each. They are very comfortable without being too large and very well built

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