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Can’t afford to buy cheap

It may sound strange  but now more than ever is the time to avoid buying cheaply, as this invariably means worse value for money in the long run.
It has always been a false economy to make your buying decision purely on price, although most people will agree that, at the time, the cheapest does seem to be the most attractive.
This is true even more so now than in the past, with the internet and EBAY giving you the same product from different suppliers, all with their best prices. 

So the only thing to go on is price, as there is not much to differentiate between the suppliers other than the price.

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Format launched by CH Workspace

Another exciting budget range of office furniture joins our ranks for 2010.
Format, and Format 1 have both been designed to offer a fuss free and stylish addition to our comprehensive range of budget  furniture.

Designed primarily with cost in mind,  Format is nevertheless a robust and substantially built furniture range, with 25mm desk tops and 2mm thick impact resisting edging.

Five different wood finishes are available from stock along with the standard light grey, and you can choose either full width panel ends to the main office desks, or a stylish C frame with a full width extruded metal foot.

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Furniture warranties and guarantees.

It’s easy to get confused with warranties in general and trying to work out what is and what’s not covered can be very difficult to work out. You can be left in the same situation with office furniture if you are not careful. So hopefully the following will clear up some of the grey areas.

First of all most office furniture guarantees are for 5 years but many of the furniture “pile it high and sell it cheap” dealers, exclude any moving parts and upholstery from this warranty, if not from the beginning, then after one year.

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A Buyers Guide to Meeting Room and Conference Room Chairs

Conference Room Chairs
Conference Room Chairs

Any training room, meeting room or conference room needs chairs for the attendees to sit on. You need to think carefully about your choice of chair, there are many different styles and types available on the office furniture market.

Firstly you need to think about functionality – do they need to be stackable or transportable? Stackable chairs vary in the number you can stack in one pile, from as little as three to as many as seven. Also, some stackable or folding chairs have special transport and storage trolleys available to make your life easier. If you are using the chairs for conferences and there are no desks or tables, some chairs have optional writing tablets that can be fixed on the side of the chair so that attendees can take notes. For large meetings, it may also be useful if the chairs have optional linking and spacing kits, so that attendees cannot move the chairs once you have placed them as you want them. Continue reading A Buyers Guide to Meeting Room and Conference Room Chairs

Pledge Seating Collection

Pledge Office Chairs
Pledge Office Chairs

Pledge Office Chairs has nearly 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of office seating, with an enviable reputation for service and reliability. The office furniture dealer CH Workspace is proud to be a dealer in Pledge office seating products.

Individuals increasingly require specialist solutions to their seating needs in order to perform their work comfortably and in safety. The Pledge collection has been compiled to assist you with your seating requirements and represents exceptional quality, durability and value for money from one of the UK’s leading office seating manufacturers. The collection offers a complete solution for for organisation’s requirements, from task seating, managerial, executive, reception and breakout. Continue reading Pledge Seating Collection

Mesh chairs at affordable prices

Mesh backed office chairs have been around for quite a while but recently we have seen most seating manufacturers in the UK bring out their own versions of this style of chair, which is becoming increasingly popular.

The main reason is simply to do with the actual look of the chair – the lack of padding makes the office chair look very sleek and contemporary. However it has to be said that a well designed mesh chair is usually more comfortable than a standard upholstered chair, and will be more comfortable in warmer weather as the fabric allows air to circulate much easier than with a traditional office chair which is upholstered with foam and fabric.

Also many of these office chairs have incorporated  the latest design features which have started appearing on the more expensive office  seating .  Features such as sliding seat mechanisms and ratchet height adjustable chairs are becoming standard on these products, as is another useful feature, remote control.

Simply explained, all of the main adjustment mechanisms, such as height, tilt and backrest freefloat/lock are all controlled by small thumb levers, situated at the side of the chair base, rather than buried beneath it.

This makes it very easy to adjust the chair from a seated position, rather than having to grope about under the chair looking for the right adjuster lever.

This technology has been around for quite a few years, specifically on the Aaron chair, which was and still is a very popular chair, often specified by architects. When this chair arrived on the market it was quite revolutionary with its extruded aluminium frames, mesh upholstery and easy to use cable operated seating adjustments.

They were not cheap but they were very well made and good value. They still are today, although now other manufacturers have been able to compete on price and value for money, even if the quality may not be as high.
The Aaron mesh office chair still sells at anything between £500 and £700 depending on optional extras, which means that it definitely sits at the higher end of the office furniture market, and this fact has allowed other manufacturers to come up with their own versions.

If you are interested in purchasing a mesh upholstered chair then your starting point is a budget version called Cobham which has a hi-tech mesh back with a breathable upholstered seat.
It doesn’t have the remote control mentioned above, but everything is within easy reach and it has a full synchronomic reclining mechanism.

It also has an adjustable lumbar support which is  a feature not usually found on office chairs at this pricing level

Priced at around £160 it represents real value for money

Another mesh backed chair worth mentioning is one called Enjoy from Mesh Seating. This chair has all of the bells and whistles including full remote control and retails at around £300 which is exceptional value

Even some of the more staid British chair manufacturers have decided to get in on the act with very stylish offerings

So if you think you could be tempted with this style of office seating please visit our office chair section for more information on these and other mesh chairs which we have on offer

Budget desks at budget prices

These days most business are feeling the pinch, having been affected in some way by the current worldwide recession. But although there is pressure to spend less money, there is even more pressure to ensure that you get good value for money.

In this respect you have to be very careful with your office furniture purchase, making sure that it is really suited for your purpose, and that it is well built and will last for the length of time you anticipate it to.

This is where a dealer will be able to help you choose the right product or range at the right price. It makes more sense in the current climate to lease your  furniture, than to buy it outright. That way you are able to keep hold of your cash, and there are some significant tax advantages to leasing your capital equipment rather than buying it.

But having said all of that, there are times when all you need is a couple of cheap desks which will do the job for now, and you want them quickly.

This is where the ML20 range comes in

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Meeting chairs – top buying tips

Meeting chairs range from basic four legged steel frames with fabric upholstered supports to quality leather upholstery on a wood frame, so you really do need to know what you want and your budget, before you start looking.

The unit price of the chair may seem low, but remember that you are going to need quite a few of them. Don’t be surprised if you find that the total cost of the chairs is more than the tables, as this is quite common.

A good quality barrel shaped meeting table can cost as little as £300, and accommodate up to 8 persons, but finding a meeting chair to suit the table for less than £38 will be impossible.

At this pricing level, your only choice will be a basic steel 4 legged chair with fabric upholstered backrest and base. These are more commonly used in basic reception areas or training rooms, where price is the most important factor.

They are reasonably comfortable but only for an hour or so, although there are different grades and thicknesses of upholstery foam available, which can make a big difference to the comfort.

So here are some tops tips to think about in order to get the best value for money from your purchase.

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Cheap chairs cost the UK over one billion pounds a year

A recent report by the Health and Safety Executive stated that 30 million working days were lost in 2006/07 due to illness. Of these 10.7 Million days were lost due to musculoskeletal disorders and 3.5 million were due to work related upper limb or neck disorders.
These are pretty frightening statistics and the cost to the economy and your business is horrific. Maybe it is time to consider some of the possible causes and make sure that your staff are healthy and at work.

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