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White bench desks available from stock

The demand for white office furniture seems to be increasing as each year goes by, presumably as a result of many architects specifying white furniture and fittings for the domestic market.

Consequently many UK manufacturers have been quick to add a white finish to their office furniture ranges.

And one of the most popular styles of desk at the moment is the bench desk.

This is because they are very efficient at optimising the number of employees, in a given area, and are more space efficient than the circular pods of worktops which used to be called call centre desks.

Their shape means that they are easy to make, and therefore relatively cheap.  They are usually available in a range of sizes from 120 cm wide up to 180cm wide.

The depth of these desks almost always used to be 80cm, but with the advent of flat monitors and cheap monitor arms, 60cm deep bench desks are now available.

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Twin Distal office furniture

Another hidden gem in our range of stocked office furniture is the Twin Distal operator furniture range

Available as ever, from stock, for delivery in a matter of days, Twin Distal offers ten  top finishes, including aluminium, plus two  desk frame and trim colour options,

The Twin Distal desk offers as standard, comprehensive cable management at no additional cost.

The thick steel frame supporting the 25mm desktop is L shaped with additional corner bracings sections to provide a wide and secure place to store all of your sockets, cables and chargers.

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Cable management for your office furniture

Most businesses, when budgeting for their new office furniture, don’t always allow an amount to cover any additional cable management requirements which they may have.
Most office desks will have some form of cable management, although on some of the budget office desks, the facilities will be somewhat limited.
So you should spend some time to work out exactly how your new office desks will be used, and what level of cable management you will require.  Different styles of desk need different forms of cable management so it is important to get it right before deciding on they style of desk you like.
Also you need to look at you current office wiring, as perimeter cabling and  floor boxes need different cable management systems.

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Can’t afford to buy cheap

It may sound strange  but now more than ever is the time to avoid buying cheaply, as this invariably means worse value for money in the long run.
It has always been a false economy to make your buying decision purely on price, although most people will agree that, at the time, the cheapest does seem to be the most attractive.
This is true even more so now than in the past, with the internet and EBAY giving you the same product from different suppliers, all with their best prices. 

So the only thing to go on is price, as there is not much to differentiate between the suppliers other than the price.

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Defi Office furniture now in stock

For 2010 the Defi range of Operator desks will be available from stock, which means delivery and installation will once again be about a week for this range.

This range has been available from us for a number of years  on a longer lead time, but due to the substantial demand – it is very well priced for a steel frame office desk – we have decided to make it available from stock again.

With six desk top finishes and two frame finishes to choose from, all available from stock at very competitive prices, we are sure that it will be a top seller for us and a good choice for you.

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Format launched by CH Workspace

Another exciting budget range of office furniture joins our ranks for 2010.
Format, and Format 1 have both been designed to offer a fuss free and stylish addition to our comprehensive range of budget  furniture.

Designed primarily with cost in mind,  Format is nevertheless a robust and substantially built furniture range, with 25mm desk tops and 2mm thick impact resisting edging.

Five different wood finishes are available from stock along with the standard light grey, and you can choose either full width panel ends to the main office desks, or a stylish C frame with a full width extruded metal foot.

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A Buyers Guide to Budget Office Desks

There are many reasons for buying cheap office desks, not least among them, price. However, price should not be you only consideration when buying office furniture. Your should also consider quality, comfort, flexibility and longevity.

ML20 Budget Office Desk
ML20 Budget Office Desk

The cheapest desks which satisfy all the criteria of quality and comfort are probably the ML20 range of budget desks from GDB International. The ML20 desk is a basic desk with ‘L’ shaped legs with a small panel of the same material as the top, or straightforward panel legs. The desks are 72cm high and have a 25mm melamine-faced desktop with a 2mm PC edging. The desktop is available in three finishes, Cherry, Beech and Maple – standard office furniture colours. The desks include a 25mm structural modesty panel finished in the same material as the desktop and leg panel. The height of the modesty panel is 25cm. Each desktop has a 53mm cable port pre-drilled in the corners. Continue reading A Buyers Guide to Budget Office Desks