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Office Furniture now even faster

We have made it very clear on our website and in these blogs that a large percentage of our office furniture products are available from stock in 5 to 7 working days, but what if you can’t wait that long.

What if you need a meeting table and chairs by tomorrow morning.
What is you have suffered an office  flood or a fire, and need to get up and running without delay, in a rented or borrowed office space.

A week may seem like a fast  delivery time but in these situations at might as well be a month.

So to help out our customers we have picked a few basic but comprehensive ranges of desks, office chairs, storage units and meeting tables, and have placed a substantial quantity of each item into a stock facility at both of our UK installation warehouses.
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Tryane office desks in Pear and Wenge

If you are looking for an executive desk which is a bit different from the norm then have a look at what Tryane can offer you.

One of the striking shapes on offer  is a large semicircular design, with or without a return desk or computer table, in a very similar style to our Elysee desking range which we stocked a few years ago.

Like the Tryane desk this was a very unusual shape offering an amazing amount of desk space which also doubled as an impromptu meeting table for up to 5 persons

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Format launched by CH Workspace

Another exciting budget range of office furniture joins our ranks for 2010.
Format, and Format 1 have both been designed to offer a fuss free and stylish addition to our comprehensive range of budget  furniture.

Designed primarily with cost in mind,  Format is nevertheless a robust and substantially built furniture range, with 25mm desk tops and 2mm thick impact resisting edging.

Five different wood finishes are available from stock along with the standard light grey, and you can choose either full width panel ends to the main office desks, or a stylish C frame with a full width extruded metal foot.

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Say goodbye to MT 40 and hello to Steel 4.0

After many years of successful sales and happy customers, The MT family of office furniture (MT20, MT30, MT40 and MT50) is finally to be pensioned off and is to be replaced by a more dynamic, but hopefully equally loved Steel range.

There are direct replacements for each of the MT ranges except for the humble MT20, which will have no replacement.  It has been decided that the wood modesty panel version of this range does not offer the same inherent rigidity and durability offered by it siblings which have either a steel modesty panel or an open beam support.

The leg detail on the new Steel furniture ranges differ slightly from the outgoing MT ranges, and there is a wider choice of finishes available from stock, but ostensibly the two ranges are very similar.
In bother cases the numeric section of the range name indicates the type of frame used on that range.
As before the 30 range (now Steel 3.0)  indicates that the range has a central I frame  leg frame and a open steel beam between the two leg frames.

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A Buyers Guide to Budget Executive Furniture

K.West Executive Office Furniture
K.West Executive Office Furniture

A Buyers Guide to Budget Executive Office Furniture

CH Workspace has a number of budget executive furniture ranges which are held in stock and can be delivered and installed in as little as five working days. Our budget executive furniture ranges are all top quality, designer furniture pieces which are built to last but which are also amazing value for money. The reason why they are such good value is that they are made from melamine-faced board rather than real wood veneer. MFC is used in most business furniture these days and is barely distinguishable from the real thing. In fact, in some situations MFC is actually better than veneer, since it is much more resistant to scratching, hot coffee cups etc and is maintenance free. Continue reading A Buyers Guide to Budget Executive Furniture

4Ever Technical Details


4Ever Desks
4Ever Desks

Made from 38 mm thick particle board (average density approx. 600 Kg/m3).
Available in three choices of finish: French Apple, Pear and Light Oak. All tops are covered on both surfaces in HPC (identical).
Straight edges on all sides protected by 3 mm thick strips of ABS (radius of curvature 3 mm).
Tops are attached to the frame of the desk by means of screws and metal inserts.
Designer ABS cable port covers (70 x 70 mm) made up of three elements. Cable ports 60 mm in diameter. Continue reading 4Ever Technical Details

A Buyers Guide to Budget Office Desks

There are many reasons for buying cheap office desks, not least among them, price. However, price should not be you only consideration when buying office furniture. Your should also consider quality, comfort, flexibility and longevity.

ML20 Budget Office Desk
ML20 Budget Office Desk

The cheapest desks which satisfy all the criteria of quality and comfort are probably the ML20 range of budget desks from GDB International. The ML20 desk is a basic desk with ‘L’ shaped legs with a small panel of the same material as the top, or straightforward panel legs. The desks are 72cm high and have a 25mm melamine-faced desktop with a 2mm PC edging. The desktop is available in three finishes, Cherry, Beech and Maple – standard office furniture colours. The desks include a 25mm structural modesty panel finished in the same material as the desktop and leg panel. The height of the modesty panel is 25cm. Each desktop has a 53mm cable port pre-drilled in the corners. Continue reading A Buyers Guide to Budget Office Desks