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M38 Executive office furniture, available from stock

M38 Executive office furniture

CHWorkspace are pleased to be able to offer another range of Executive furniture which is available from stock in our warehouse.

It is called  M38, ( nothing to do with  the post war model M38 Willis Jeep, unfortunately)  due to the thickness of the desks tops, which is a chunky 38mm.

The styling of the range is very clean and uncluttered, with standard Bridge legs, or a “designer”  fully enclosed frame leg.

The desk tops are available in either a cinnamon walnut or a light or dark oak finish, and the leg frames are available in either an aluminium, white, or satin black finish.

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Twin Distal office furniture

Another hidden gem in our range of stocked office furniture is the Twin Distal operator furniture range

Available as ever, from stock, for delivery in a matter of days, Twin Distal offers ten  top finishes, including aluminium, plus two  desk frame and trim colour options,

The Twin Distal desk offers as standard, comprehensive cable management at no additional cost.

The thick steel frame supporting the 25mm desktop is L shaped with additional corner bracings sections to provide a wide and secure place to store all of your sockets, cables and chargers.

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Office furniture innovations

Its not often that something comes along in  our  industry that is truly unique and exciting but we think that we have found it.

In reality it is more “office furniture meets technology” than just a different take on an office desk, but nevertheless it is truly groundbreaking and if priced correctly, could be the next big thing to hit offices all over the world.

The Company which came up with it is FG Technology in Northampton, who are a business partner of ours. They have been working  for years on improving  our workspace and have come up with various innovative products and designs in the past.

So what have they come up with this time?

Well,  the picture on the right gives you a clue. By using a remote control unit the CPU at each workstation can be moved to a central location up to 20 metres away.  So all you need at your desk is a small receiver/transmitter unit, which also houses the disk drive, usb points and other connections.

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Office desks- don’t forget cable management

Many people, when buying office desks, just look for something they like, and  which is within their budget, without thinking how important cable management can be.

In the brochures, on line or even in the showroom the desks look great – clutterfree, with just one laptop sitting on the desk. Most of the time the lap laptop doesn’t even have a power cable attached.

There are people out there who really can just use a laptop on their desk, without having to plus anything in.  The battery is fully charged, the wireless internet and printer is working fine, and they don’t need a larger screen, but in our experience there are not many people like this.

More often than not the laptop battery is nearly dead, as is their mobile battery, and as anyone who uses the same desk for a long period of time each week will agree, eventually the small keyboard and screen on the laptop means that full sized versions are soon required, and then power will be required.

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Getting the right desk for the job

As with all things in life with office furniture you really do get what you pay for.

Cheap desks are cheap for many reasons, but primarily because they lack the functionality of more expensive desks.  This may be fine if you just want a flat surface  upon which to work but nowadays cable management is an essential requirement of even the most basic workstation and it is this capability which is missing on cheaper desks.

 So by the time you have purchased an under desk cable tray , and drilled some holes for cable ports into your desk top, you might as well have purchased a more expensive office desk, which already had these items incorporated into the design.

Many of the more expensive office furniture ranges have been designed very carefully to ensure that professional users get everything they require from their furniture. The desks are very well built, designed to easily surpass their five year warranty. They have full and integral cable management systems from floor to desk top.

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Office furniture cable management

This area of our business is the area which causes many  headaches.

Many customers specify top end desking systems and then fail to use the sophisticated cable management systems that they provide.
For instance sliding top desks are really useful if you need to get at your cabling on a regular basis, but no good if you have radial desks and desk height pedestals.

We have also seen sliding top bench desks specified and then fitted with central and intermediate desk top fabric screens. These units, when fitted, mean that the sliding top wont slide, which negates the point of buying them in the first place.

So we usually start a new project by looking at what the client actually needs with regard to cable management for most of the time.

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Distal office furniture – stylish and affordable

Another new range available from stock for 2010 is the Distal range of office desks.  Distal offers you real versatility with its combination of desk shapes and finishes and has the added advantage of being able to use the storage units or pedestals to the desk top.

We have brought back the narrow desk height pedestal and CPU pedestal to give you even more possibilities with regard to layout.

Quite often finding somewhere to safely store your CPU is difficult if you only have a small desk and want some additional storage space, but with this Distal range you can effectively integrate the storage with the desk supports which will save you space and money, and be much more convenient than a standard desk and mobile drawer or CPU units.


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New ideas from CHW for 2010

We are pleased to announce that our new 2010 brochure is now out and as well as offering new additions to many of our long standing furniture ranges, also has some very interesting and exciting products. So we have listed a few here, just to whet you appetite.

First of all, and finally after many requests from our customers, we have produced a desk side full height storage unit called a Tower pedestal. 

This gives employees much more storage space for private and business items, and doubles as a screen between the next desk in an open plan office.

Although primarily designed for use with our 4most bench system, these units are available in a steel or wood finish and can be adapted to work with most ranges of office furniture. Continue reading New ideas from CHW for 2010

Accessory Bits Ltd (ABL)

Monitor Arms
Monitor Arms

CH Workspace, a leading office furniture dealer,  is also a dealer for ABL products. What are Accessory Bits? They are manufacturers and wholesalers of workspace accessories. Their product range has been designed to meet the needs of office designers and integrators everywhere.
The high quality products they sell represent our many years of experience in the industry and allow for quick installation in existing and new offices alike, helping you maximise the efficiency, safety and ergonomics of your work environment.
They specialise in accessories for computers and cable management systems for workstations, a selection of their products is shown below. If you need any further details or have a problem that needs solving, please contact CH Workspace on 0800 731 3627 for more information. Continue reading Accessory Bits Ltd (ABL)