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Astro Arche Bench desk range

CH Workspace are pleased to be able to offer yet another cost effective bench desk range, which is available from stock for delivery in a matter of days.
Although this range is primarily designed as a bench desk system, where intermediate legs are used to support two desk tops, and are set back underneath the desk, standard rectangular and radial desks are also available from stock.

The desk tops are available in beech, cherry, maple, wenge, white and light grey and there is a choice of aluminium, graphite grey or white for the framework. This range is one of our best selling contract bench desk ranges and consequently the pricing is very competitive.

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Welcome to 2010

Suddenly the festivities are over and we are all getting back to work, often battling through extraordinary weather conditions and the disruptions to the transport system which it causes.

But things are getting better; the days are getting longer, and we do seem to be finally pulling out of this long recession.  Mortgages are back on the climb again and house prices seem to be stabilising.  There does still seem to be a long way to go with many companies, having survived the worst of the recession, finally finding out they have no cash flow to continue doing business, but in the main things seems to be improving.

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A Buyers Guide to Office Lockers

Office Lockers
Office Lockers

Now that call centres are a standard part of the office furniture catalogue, we need to consider all the other furniture and equipment that is required to supplement the call centre desks. In call centres it is common that office workers are not allowed to take personal equipment such as mobile phones, laptop computers etc to their desks. They also need storage space for raincoats, umbrellas etc.
Many call centres use standard office lockers as suitable, secure storage for these personal items. The standard metal lockers used to be common in factory and workshop environments, but they needed a designer touch to be suitable for the normal office environment. CH Workspace now have this type of office locker in their main office furniture catalogue. Continue reading A Buyers Guide to Office Lockers

A Buyers Guide to call Centre Furniture

A significant consideration when buying call centre furniture is density, ie the number of people you can

Call Centre Furniture
Call Centre Furniture

comfortably fit in a particular space. The smallest practical workspace, considering the need for a computer and telephone is 80cm wide by 60-80cm deep.

There are three basic styles of call centre desks to consider:

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