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How big is your desk

We often get calls from customers asking what size office desk they should be buying, but it is an impossible question to answer easily without more information .

It’s a bit like someone asking a car dealer what type of car should they buy. There are so many factors that to answer the question you do really need to give your office furniture dealer as much information as you can.

You need to think about this question logically, which means starting with factors that you cannot change.
For example the size of the office space and the number of people which have to be fitted into this space. Most office furniture dealers know the minimum square meterage of space, including walkways, which they need to allow per person, so can easily come up with a benchmark size of desk per person.

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Welcome to 2010

Suddenly the festivities are over and we are all getting back to work, often battling through extraordinary weather conditions and the disruptions to the transport system which it causes.

But things are getting better; the days are getting longer, and we do seem to be finally pulling out of this long recession.  Mortgages are back on the climb again and house prices seem to be stabilising.  There does still seem to be a long way to go with many companies, having survived the worst of the recession, finally finding out they have no cash flow to continue doing business, but in the main things seems to be improving.

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A Buyers Guide to call Centre Furniture

A significant consideration when buying call centre furniture is density, ie the number of people you can

Call Centre Furniture
Call Centre Furniture

comfortably fit in a particular space. The smallest practical workspace, considering the need for a computer and telephone is 80cm wide by 60-80cm deep.

There are three basic styles of call centre desks to consider:

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Hawk Office Furniture

Georgio Office Desks
Georgio Office Desks

Hawk Office Furniture has been established in Yorkshire for more than 20 years and has been supplying business furniture to more than 400 dealers across the UK and Ireland over that time. They operate from a 10-acre site, employing a 60-strong workforce and have some of the most state of the art  furniture design and manufacturing equipment available. They are proud of their attention to detail and all of their furniture is tested by FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association) to BS4875 for strength and stability. All products are guaranteed for five years. All timber is sourced through ‘Qualitor’ assessed suppliers holding “Chain of Custody” certificates and all manufacturing processes and raw materials are constantly reviewed for best environmental practices. Recycled materials are used wherever possible. All Hawk products are built to order, but the sophisticated manufacturing process means that your office furniture can be delivered and installed in a matter of weeks from your order. Continue reading Hawk Office Furniture

Office Furniture and Computers

Before the 1970’s office desks were simple affairs, usually rectangular, made from wood and with a writing area in front of the user. At about this time mainframe and so-called mini computers started to be used in business and office workers needed to have computer terminals on their desks. One of the most common terminals was the DEC VT52, a tiny monochrome screen in a huge box with a built-in keyboard.


Quite often this type of computer terminal had a mobile stand of its own, so that it could be wheeled around to where it was needed, or could be stood at the side of a desk. Initially they were used in laboratory and dedicated IT environments but they soon spread to offices where they were used for accounting, manufacturing and office automation. They were very expensive and often shared amongst users. As they dropped in price and increased in functionality they started to appear on more and more desks, with some rather bizarre variants, including ICL’s OPD (One Per Desk). Continue reading Office Furniture and Computers

Bench desks – from budget to top of the range

A few years ago there were very few options if you wanted a bench desking system so you just stuck a load of freestanding desks  together in lines, but now it seems that every office furniture manufacturer has  produced their own version, with various degrees of sophistication.

So many are on offer that we have had to dedicate one page of our main site for office desks, just to bench desks.
So whatever you budget and requirements, there will be a system which will be ideal for you.

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Bench desks on a budget

Buying furniture for your new telesales, call centre, or marketing department can be a costly business, as many of the products on the market are over-engineered or not suited to modern requirements.
But a new product has appeared on the market which could make your life a little simpler and cost you less than you had anticipated.

The product is a bench desk range called MT60 and is a derivative of the very popular and well priced budget range of MT office furniture which is available from stock for immediate delivery.

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