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Canteen furniture to go

Each year we try to extend our range of office furniture which is available from stock, and this year we have exceeded even our own expectations.

We have increased the variety on offer in most areas including our ranges of canteen and restaurant furniture.

Last year we introduced some very contemporary glass tops canteen tables and these have proved very popular. As well as being stylish and easy to clean they are also only slightly more expensive than our standard wood finish tables.

For this year we have introduced the Brunch Bistro table, which has a very attractive curved wireframe leg. This design feature is reflected in the matching canteen chair backs which also have an elegant arched appearance.

The Brunch Bistro range of canteen furniture is available in a natural beech or dark wenge finish. The leg frames are available in a satin aluminium finish or chrome for that traditional look.

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A Buyers Guide to Canteen and Breakout Furniture

Most reasonable sized offices have a staff canteen or breakout area where employees can each their

Canteen Furniture
Canteen Furniture

lunch or take their coffee breaks. CH Workspace, a large office furniture dealer, has a wide range of canteen furniture available from stock. The furniture available ranges from traditional bistro style tables and chairs through to modern designer canteen furniture.

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New office furniture brochure from Elite

Elite furniture have just launched their new brochure for 2009, and its proving to be a brilliant showcase for many of their exciting new ranges as well as their existing and updated ranges.
They have obviously listened to their customers as each product is showcased, with dimensions and available finishes, but most importantly the retail price is shown next to the product.

This is what most customers want and we applaud Elite for taking thisĀ  more expensive option with regard to catalogue production, but actually producing what our customers want.

The brochure starts off with their new and upmarket bench desking system called Linnea
Newly introduced into their product portfolio, Linnea offers all of the features you could possibly want in a bench desk system.

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Eating at work? Enjoy your food more with our bistro range

If you are lucky enough to have room for a staff canteen there is a huge range of canteen furniture for you to choose from. No longer do you need to buy orange polypropylene chairs and cheap Formica tables as the latest product ranges are stylish and hard wearing and can be used to create exciting and vibrant environments.

Even the table and beam combination units are now available with seats in vibrant colours and hard wearing easy to clean table tops. Give some thought to the type of food to be eaten in your canteen; is it sandwiches brought in by staff or are you providing a kitchen serving hot meals.
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