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Office Furniture Budgets

Most of our customers have a good idea of what they have in mind or what they can afford for their office furniture requirements, but there are still those who really don’t have any idea, or  don’t really want to let us know what their budget it

This does present a serious problem to us, as office furniture  prices can vary enormously depending on specification and requirements.

For instance a basic 160cm rectangular operator desk with a steel frame, can cost as little as £100, but the same size desk, with a more stylish  desk frame, comprehensive cable management, and a thicker, better quality desk top, could cost as much as £700.

The same with call centre or bench desking. We sell entry level systems which work out at less than £200 per desk, but can offer top end systems at nearly £1,000 per desk.

In the same way as most cars are capable of getting you from A to B, safely and comfortably, some do it much better than others, and this is usually reflected in the price.

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Chair mechanisms explained

From £1 per week

All too often we advise our customers to go for a synchronomic mechanism on their operator chair, as it is the best mechanism by far, but invariably we find that the users of the office chair are not operating them as intended. 

The design of the synchronous mechanism is such that the back rest of the office chair is intended to remain in the free floating position, with the tension spring adjusted so that the floating backrest just supports the user’s weight.

The idea behind this design is that the users back is supported, but not completely, and this support is able to move with the user as he or she moves around in the chair, whilst carrying out typical office tasks.

Whether the user is sitting bolt upright, typing on a keyboard, or leaning back, reading some literature, all the time the chair’s backrest is supporting the users back to a significant degree.

This method of support  encourages good posture and prevents slouching in the chair, which is not ideal for prolonged periods of time.

The problem is that if the user is not familiar with this type of mechanism, the permanently floating support feels wrong, and very soon the user simply locks the backrest of the chair in his or her favoured position and leaves it like that.

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Red tape and the small office furniture dealer

As every year passes we find ourselves spending more and more time dealing with the bureaucracy of the business and less with providing office furniture.
This is no doubt the same for all small businesses (defined as a business with less than 250 employees) and to many it may seem to be such a huge waste of time and effort.

But there is a reason for most of it, and this reason is to make sure that everyone adheres to certain business standards and codes of practice. This makes is safer for employees and gives a more level playing field for competition.

Unfortunately it always seems that it is the smaller business that it the most affected by additional legislation. Already working to their maximum capacity, the time consuming non profit making paperwork is left for another day.

Bigger companies can afford, due to economies of scale, to employ staff or even teams of staff to make sure that the business fully complies with all relevant legislation.

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Furniture warranties and guarantees.

It’s easy to get confused with warranties in general and trying to work out what is and what’s not covered can be very difficult to work out. You can be left in the same situation with office furniture if you are not careful. So hopefully the following will clear up some of the grey areas.

First of all most office furniture guarantees are for 5 years but many of the furniture “pile it high and sell it cheap” dealers, exclude any moving parts and upholstery from this warranty, if not from the beginning, then after one year.

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A Buyers Guide to Office Chairs

Budget Operator Chairs
Budget Operator Chairs

You probably spend as much time in your office chair as you do in your bed. The office chair is probably one of the most significant elements associated with comfort and back pain in the modern office furniture environment. You must be careful to make your buying decisions based on comfort and functionality, rather than looks and price. Leather, wood and chrome can make a chair look good, but they do nothing in themselves to improve the ergonomics of the chair. You will feel much better with a good chair in fabric and steel than you would in a bad chair in chrome and leather. Remember: the best chairs are those with adjustment mechanisms which are accessible from the seating position. Adjustment mechanisms should be logical, intuitive and easy to operate. Continue reading A Buyers Guide to Office Chairs

Meeting chairs – top buying tips

Meeting chairs range from basic four legged steel frames with fabric upholstered supports to quality leather upholstery on a wood frame, so you really do need to know what you want and your budget, before you start looking.

The unit price of the chair may seem low, but remember that you are going to need quite a few of them. Don’t be surprised if you find that the total cost of the chairs is more than the tables, as this is quite common.

A good quality barrel shaped meeting table can cost as little as £300, and accommodate up to 8 persons, but finding a meeting chair to suit the table for less than £38 will be impossible.

At this pricing level, your only choice will be a basic steel 4 legged chair with fabric upholstered backrest and base. These are more commonly used in basic reception areas or training rooms, where price is the most important factor.

They are reasonably comfortable but only for an hour or so, although there are different grades and thicknesses of upholstery foam available, which can make a big difference to the comfort.

So here are some tops tips to think about in order to get the best value for money from your purchase.

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Ergonomic chairs – affordable comfort

The term ergonomic in chair design usually means that the chair had been designed with comfort and adjustability in mind, in preference to just price.  This usually means much better value for the customer who is prepared to pay a little more for a properly designed chair.
This article is about a range of ergonomic chairs called “Team”, which we feel is one of the best value for money chairs available in the market.

Stylish, well priced, superior comfort, intelligent model range, and all available from stock for delivery in a matter of days.

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Oxygen office chair – a breath of fresh air

Recently launched in the UK, the Oxygen chair changes our perception of the basic office chair.
The black moulded seat and back casing has gone to reveal a fresh, stylish design which offers both function and form.

Perfectly shaped to provide lumber and thigh support with an adjustable lumbar support as standard, this chair is destined to be a best seller for 2009.

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Office chairs – a buyers guide

If you are looking to buy some office chairs please make sure you read our top ten tips before making your purchase. It’s your back you are damaging for the sake of a few pounds so ignore this advise at your peril :-

1 ) Don’t buy cheap – Spend as much as you can afford, even if you have to spend less on your desk. Your desk is just a surface, whereas your chairs need to support you correctly for long periods of time. It needs to be adjustable to suit your weight and size, and others who may also use your chair.

Many back problems are caused by bad posture, and sitting in a badly designed chair or one which is not the right size for you will not support you properly and this will lead to a bad posture


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