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Express Office Line launched

In addition to our main office furniture brochure which details over 30,000 products, all of which are available for delivery and installation within five days we now have a range of products which are held in local stock ready for immediate dispatch.

This range of office furniture includes  panel and I frame desking, desk height and under desk mobile pedestals,  all available in a wide range of desk top finishes  and styles.

The main two ranges are called WALTON and GANTON  and offer a very comprehensive range of desk sizes and shapes.

Both ranges also offer a variety of desk top finishes and well as some optional frame finishes where relevant

The Ganton range is a panel ended system which looks like a  traditional style of office desk, whereas the Walton range is a more contemporary style with I frame of corner legs frames.

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Buy the best office chair you can afford

We have often said this but will say it again, always spend as much as you can afford on your  office chairs, even if it means reducing the amount your spend on the office desks or storage cabinets.

This is because an office chair is a dynamic piece of furniture, which can have an influence on your health and you productivity.  Bad backs are the most common cause of staff absenteeism and most of this can be attributable to unsuitable office seating.  

For most people an office chair is an office chair, but in reality there is a bewildering range of confusing mechanisms and adjustment options, some which are useful and some not so useful.

And to the uninitiated it is difficult to work out which ones are really useful and which one are just gadgets or gimmicks.
At the bottom end of the office spectrum sits a basic entry level budget operator chair.  These are typically around £50 to £60 each, and will give you something to sit on, but not much else. There will be a gas ram seat height adjustment mechanism, and probably some means of altering the seat rake, but often not much else.

More worryingly are the things that are missing which you cannot see. The gas ram for instance may only be rated for 11 stones. Also the mechanism has probably not been designed for all day use. 

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What is an ergonomic chair

There are hundreds of office chairs out there in the market, all purporting to be ergonomically designed but you really do have to be very careful about what you are buying.
There is no recognised definition of what an ergonomic chair is, so it really is “buyer beware” with these chairs
Ergonomics means “the applied science of equipment design” which is suitably vague to cover most things.
A cheap chair imported from China could be said to be an ergonomic chair because it goes up and down and the backrest is adjustable, and it is shaped to follow  the contours of an average back, but compare this chair to a quality ergonomic chair from Pledge Office Chairs for example and the difference is obvious.
The quality ergonomic chair will have been a result of many years of research into how we use a chair in the office, what we expect from it, and how it can be best designed, using  the latest technology, to give us the maximum amount of support for the longest amount of time, for a price which  represents good value for money.

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Two new Presidents for CHW

CHW are pleased to offer two new leather office chairs from stock this year.
They are all new styles which complement our modern office furniture ranges.

Both chairs are upholstered in corrected grain leather, and the operating mechanisms are sourced from the mayor European manufacturers. This ensures  consistent and reliable operation for many years past their warranty period.

Although more expensive than some of the supermarket offerings, these chairs are made to a significantly higher standard, from quality materials. 

The result is a more comfortable chair which will stay that way for much longer, and which will take more weight for longer periods than cheaper inferior chairs. 

These chairs therefore offer much better value for money than the cheaper leather chairs in the market.
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Can’t afford to buy cheap

It may sound strange  but now more than ever is the time to avoid buying cheaply, as this invariably means worse value for money in the long run.
It has always been a false economy to make your buying decision purely on price, although most people will agree that, at the time, the cheapest does seem to be the most attractive.
This is true even more so now than in the past, with the internet and EBAY giving you the same product from different suppliers, all with their best prices. 

So the only thing to go on is price, as there is not much to differentiate between the suppliers other than the price.

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Furniture warranties and guarantees.

It’s easy to get confused with warranties in general and trying to work out what is and what’s not covered can be very difficult to work out. You can be left in the same situation with office furniture if you are not careful. So hopefully the following will clear up some of the grey areas.

First of all most office furniture guarantees are for 5 years but many of the furniture “pile it high and sell it cheap” dealers, exclude any moving parts and upholstery from this warranty, if not from the beginning, then after one year.

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A Buyers Guide to Budget Office Desks

There are many reasons for buying cheap office desks, not least among them, price. However, price should not be you only consideration when buying office furniture. Your should also consider quality, comfort, flexibility and longevity.

ML20 Budget Office Desk
ML20 Budget Office Desk

The cheapest desks which satisfy all the criteria of quality and comfort are probably the ML20 range of budget desks from GDB International. The ML20 desk is a basic desk with ‘L’ shaped legs with a small panel of the same material as the top, or straightforward panel legs. The desks are 72cm high and have a 25mm melamine-faced desktop with a 2mm PC edging. The desktop is available in three finishes, Cherry, Beech and Maple – standard office furniture colours. The desks include a 25mm structural modesty panel finished in the same material as the desktop and leg panel. The height of the modesty panel is 25cm. Each desktop has a 53mm cable port pre-drilled in the corners. Continue reading A Buyers Guide to Budget Office Desks

A Buyers Guide to Office Chairs

Budget Operator Chairs
Budget Operator Chairs

You probably spend as much time in your office chair as you do in your bed. The office chair is probably one of the most significant elements associated with comfort and back pain in the modern office furniture environment. You must be careful to make your buying decisions based on comfort and functionality, rather than looks and price. Leather, wood and chrome can make a chair look good, but they do nothing in themselves to improve the ergonomics of the chair. You will feel much better with a good chair in fabric and steel than you would in a bad chair in chrome and leather. Remember: the best chairs are those with adjustment mechanisms which are accessible from the seating position. Adjustment mechanisms should be logical, intuitive and easy to operate. Continue reading A Buyers Guide to Office Chairs

Be smart – don’t buy cheap

We have covered this topic before and explained the long term cost of buying cheap, but it seems that buyers still want to pay as little as possible for office chairs.
At best this is just a false economy, and at worse could cause you a lot of pain and even long terms back problems.

We are not designed to sit in the same position of long periods of time, so office furniture manufacturers spend a lot of money on specialists and ergonomists to make sure that their seating is designed top be as supportive and as comfortable as possible. These costs have to be added to their manufacturing costs.
Also, it goes without saying that better quality mechanisms, and more adjustment features cost more money.

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