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Buy the best office chair you can afford

We have often said this but will say it again, always spend as much as you can afford on your  office chairs, even if it means reducing the amount your spend on the office desks or storage cabinets.

This is because an office chair is a dynamic piece of furniture, which can have an influence on your health and you productivity.  Bad backs are the most common cause of staff absenteeism and most of this can be attributable to unsuitable office seating.  

For most people an office chair is an office chair, but in reality there is a bewildering range of confusing mechanisms and adjustment options, some which are useful and some not so useful.

And to the uninitiated it is difficult to work out which ones are really useful and which one are just gadgets or gimmicks.
At the bottom end of the office spectrum sits a basic entry level budget operator chair.  These are typically around £50 to £60 each, and will give you something to sit on, but not much else. There will be a gas ram seat height adjustment mechanism, and probably some means of altering the seat rake, but often not much else.

More worryingly are the things that are missing which you cannot see. The gas ram for instance may only be rated for 11 stones. Also the mechanism has probably not been designed for all day use. 

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Ten ways to improve your office environment

We all spend too many hours in the office,  with most  workers spending more of their waking hours at their office desk than at home.  So to help you we have come up with our top ten best improvements to make you happier at work :-

1) Decent Office chair  –  Most businesses do not  spend enough money on an office chair. A decent, fully adjustable synchronomic  operator chair with height adjustable armrests will only cost a few hundred pounds. Most are guaranteed for 5 years which equates to twenty pence a day to help look after your staffs back. Think about it; just a couple of days off with back-ache in 5 years would cost more than the chair did.

2) Quality lighting  –  As we recently discovered,  the cost of changing your standard fluorescent bulbs to natural daylight ones was money well spent.  The lighting is ( as you would expect) more natural, and less tiring. This means less headaches and increased productivity.

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Cheap desks, expensive chairs

We know that we have said this before but when you are looking for new office furniture please remember our words.
If you don’t already know we will explain this again.

Put very simply a desk is just a flat surface on which to work and to place the things that you need for your work.

More money can buy you more space and a more stylish desk, and even a more attractively shaped desk, but in its essence it is still just providing you with a flat working surface.

An office chair on the other hand is supporting most of your body for many hours each day, five  days a weeks, for many years.

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Funky furniture from stock

Many of our customers have asked us for breakout and reception seating which is a bit more funky than usually seen  in the average office furniture supplier’s portfolio, so we have obliged

Thirty  different ranges of styles range from exciting to wacky, all available in a wide spectrum of fabric patterns and colours, and all at very competitive prices.

All of the chairs and sofas are made to order in about ten  days, which means that not only can we deliver almost as quickly as we can with our stocked reception furniture, but we can offer our customers endless alternatives with regard to dimensions, fabrics and finishes.

We can stain any of the displayed woods to match your existing office furniture, and match or compliment the fabrics on your office chairs or office screens.

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Cool office chairs for the summer

Although it may not feel like it yet, the days are getting warmer and longer, and before you know it, you will be sitting at your desk, and sticking to your old leather or fabric chair.

So now is the time to think of something more comfortable and cooler.

Most ergonomic chairs made today are upholstered in an open celled foam which allows more air to circulate and water vapour to escape through its membrane.

Better quality office chairs are upholstered in wicking fabric which help keep you dry and stops you sticking to the chairs.

However, whilst we can confidently say that modern day upholstery on good quality office chairs is far superior to older or budget operator chairs, if you are looking for something really cool, then you should consider one of the many mesh backed chairs in the office seating market.

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Pledge Seating Collection

Pledge Office Chairs
Pledge Office Chairs

Pledge Office Chairs has nearly 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of office seating, with an enviable reputation for service and reliability. The office furniture dealer CH Workspace is proud to be a dealer in Pledge office seating products.

Individuals increasingly require specialist solutions to their seating needs in order to perform their work comfortably and in safety. The Pledge collection has been compiled to assist you with your seating requirements and represents exceptional quality, durability and value for money from one of the UK’s leading office seating manufacturers. The collection offers a complete solution for for organisation’s requirements, from task seating, managerial, executive, reception and breakout. Continue reading Pledge Seating Collection

A Buyers Guide to Office Chairs

Budget Operator Chairs
Budget Operator Chairs

You probably spend as much time in your office chair as you do in your bed. The office chair is probably one of the most significant elements associated with comfort and back pain in the modern office furniture environment. You must be careful to make your buying decisions based on comfort and functionality, rather than looks and price. Leather, wood and chrome can make a chair look good, but they do nothing in themselves to improve the ergonomics of the chair. You will feel much better with a good chair in fabric and steel than you would in a bad chair in chrome and leather. Remember: the best chairs are those with adjustment mechanisms which are accessible from the seating position. Adjustment mechanisms should be logical, intuitive and easy to operate. Continue reading A Buyers Guide to Office Chairs

Designer office seating

For many years office reception area seating has usually meant black leather sofas or moulded foam modular seating, covered in a basic open weave fabric. Practical and cheap but not very exciting

But more and more businesses are becoming more aware just how important their reception area is, both in terms of the statement it makes to their customers, and  the feel-good factor it has on their staff.

Indeed many businesses are now allocating specific areas of their offices for staff breakout or recreation areas, having recognised the necessity to provide social areas in order to improve staff moral and productivity.

And these areas are often colourful, modern and comfortable, giving the employee a necessary and welcome break from their desk, and an informal meeting area as well.

Although it is hard to actually calculate the benefit, various studies have been carried out and all confirm that employee satisfaction, enthusiasm and contentment are all increased in businesses where the staff are provided with quality rest and recreation areas, known as break-out areas.
Some companies are even progressing to the level of providing exercise and “forty wink” facilities in their offices, having seen the improvement in concentration and enthusiasm that these areas generate.
It really does seem that after a certain level, salary is not the most important motivator for the majority of office workers.

And motivation is the key to a successful business. A successful business allows employees to spend time chatting about ideas, sharing problems and brainstorming, in a very informal manner.
Coffee breaks are taken in these informal areas, with other colleagues, rather than sitting alone at their workstation.
Apart from the social and business advantages gained from having specific social areas, there is another advantage in that carpets and computer equipment are less likely to be damaged by hot drinks being spilled.

In addition there are specific health and hygiene advantages to taking refreshments (most importantly lunch) is designated areas rather than at the office desk, and is this is potentially one of the most germs filled areas in any office.
Office desks are never left tidy enough for the cleaners to be able to effectively kill germs and viruses which are always present, and in very large numbers if the desk or workstation is also used as a dining table.

Much of the stylish reception furniture available can be upholstered in your choice of fabric, either chosen to match your office interior or your corporate colours or logo.
Very often, in the past, the most basic of fabric was chosen in order to keep costs down, but this really is a false economy.

Whilst higher grouped fabrics are going to be more expensive, the added cost is relatively small whereas the perceived increase in quality can be very large, if the correct choice is made.  Tighter weave brightly coloured fabrics or imitation suede material can really lift what is a fairly basic piece of office furniture.

By carefully looking at different fabrics you can really add value to your purchase and create some reception furniture that is individual and unique to your business.

Many of the fabrics used in the office furniture industry are made by one of two major manufacturers and their websites are very informative and show most of the options available.
You can even request C5 sized samples to be sent to you by post.

So don’t just stick with what you see in the brochure. Dare to be different and you will be pleased that you did.

Be smart – don’t buy cheap

We have covered this topic before and explained the long term cost of buying cheap, but it seems that buyers still want to pay as little as possible for office chairs.
At best this is just a false economy, and at worse could cause you a lot of pain and even long terms back problems.

We are not designed to sit in the same position of long periods of time, so office furniture manufacturers spend a lot of money on specialists and ergonomists to make sure that their seating is designed top be as supportive and as comfortable as possible. These costs have to be added to their manufacturing costs.
Also, it goes without saying that better quality mechanisms, and more adjustment features cost more money.

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