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Office screens – buying tips

If you are looking for office screens you really should get some professional advice as it is very easy to make an expensive mistake.

There are many different types of screen in the market and each type is suited for a particular purpose.

If you are just looking for something to divide up office areas that you probably can buy a basic screen from the big stationery warehouses, or from on office furniture on-line shop, but in reality most customers want more than this.

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How noisy is your office? Decrease your stress levels

Noise in an office can be incredibly disruptive and cause stress and loss of productivity and should therefore be taken very seriously. Particularly in large open plan offices where everyone is on the phone competing to be heard and the hum of fax machines, copiers and printers is ever present, noise levels can become intolerable. Add into the mix the always present member of staff constantly shouting over everyone else and you can see something needs to be done. However, sound is one of the hardest issues to deal with and many factors come into play so it is necessary to look at the whole environment before embarking on a hit and miss problem solving exercise. Continue reading How noisy is your office? Decrease your stress levels

Screening your office – Get rid of those earplugs

Firstly let’s be clear about what we classify an office screen to be. Screens are panels used to divide areas within the office or desk mounted to separate one desk from another and should not be confused with partitions which are floor to ceiling walls used to create offices. The grey area is where screens are used to create rooms but we shall come back to that a little later.
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