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Stylish bench desks from stock

CH Workspace are pleased to announce that we have another exciting range of bench desks which are

available from stock for delivery within a few days

The 4Work range has been with us in for a few years now, in the form of a range called 4Most, but now the range has been extended to provide some interesting options.

To begin with the  4Work  range  is available with either aluminium or jet black finish legs, with either a beech, oak, or white top. The legs have been designed for form as well as function, which is refreshing to see on an office furniture range.  Normally the legs are a fairly basic affair, and just designed to keep the desks from collapsing.

This time, the designers have gone to great length to make the leg detail an intricate part of the overall design, and in our opinion it works well.

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Using office screens to improve your workspace

Most offices start out as well planned professional environments, but over the years, additional office furniture and equipment is added as more staff are taken on  and the business requirements change from that which was originally envisaged.  As a result the office looks a little untidy and the general noise level starst to increase, again over what was originally anticipated.

But instead of just allowing this natural progression to take place you should consider getting an office furniture professional in to have a look at your environment to see if there are any changes which can be made.

Quite often relatively small changes can have a major effect on the office.
If you have a number of staff in a relatively small area, with plenty of hard surfaces, then background noise is going to become a big problem, and even bigger if your workspace is mainly open plan.  

There are many professional ( and some quite expensive) ways to deal with noisy offices, and these methods have been addressed in other articles, but here we are dealing with just generally improving the workspace with a few dividing office screens.

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Decorative divider screens

There are many sophisticated office screens systems out there in the market and we are privileged to be able to offer some of the best available, to our customers, but what about the other end of the market, where all you want is just a basic divider to break up a large office or to define the reception area.

The most common offering is literally just a fabric covered board, which sits on a tubular steel foot, and is edged with a thin PVC strip, or linking dumbbell.

They do what they are supposed, and are quite cheap, but they are certainly lacking in terms of style and design.

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A buyers guide to office screens and partitions

Office screens and partitions perform a number of different functions. Firstly they can be used to create

Desktop Screens
Desktop Screens

rooms, secondly that can be used to provide some privacy or separation for individuals and workgroups, and finally they can be used to suppress noise in busy offices. Continue reading A buyers guide to office screens and partitions

Bench desks – from budget to top of the range

A few years ago there were very few options if you wanted a bench desking system so you just stuck a load of freestanding desks  together in lines, but now it seems that every office furniture manufacturer has  produced their own version, with various degrees of sophistication.

So many are on offer that we have had to dedicate one page of our main site for office desks, just to bench desks.
So whatever you budget and requirements, there will be a system which will be ideal for you.

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Office screens – buying tips

If you are looking for office screens you really should get some professional advice as it is very easy to make an expensive mistake.

There are many different types of screen in the market and each type is suited for a particular purpose.

If you are just looking for something to divide up office areas that you probably can buy a basic screen from the big stationery warehouses, or from on office furniture on-line shop, but in reality most customers want more than this.

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Monitor arms – read this before you buy

Buying the right monitor arm can make a big difference to how you work.

Properly designed and set up, they can put the screen exactly where you need it, reducing back ache and eye-strain, they free up valuable desk space and make it easier to keep your desk tidy and clean.

But buying the wrong one can be an expensive mistake

As with most things in life you get what you pay for.

Expensive monitor arms ( some cost over £300 each) are well designed and beautifully constructed works of art, with multiple articulation points.

They are well balanced, and securely fit to your desk top.  They will give you years of trouble free service and will require no adjustment or maintenance.

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Top 10 innovations for your office

Innovation is not the most used word in the office furniture industry but there are some new things out there which could change your life and the way your work. Well maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but they are worth looking at. So in no particular order here goes :-

Desk top power modules. Have you ever considered how useful it would be to have all the sockets which are currently under you desk, on the desk itself. Standard things like power, telephone and data have been done before, but what about also having all the sockets on the back of your computer. USB, VGA, speaker and microphone, mouse, keyboard, and printer sockets all easily accessible. Plug and Play convenience at your fingertips.

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Getting the most from your bench desks

GDB have recently launched an innovative bench desk system called 4Most which has been developed to solve most of the problems associated with this type of desk design.

It is well priced, available in a range of colours, and can be delivered and installed within a matter of days.

In addition, all of the complimentary units such as desk-top screens, cable trays, CPU holders, and monitor arms are also available from stock.

It has many advantages over similar looking bench desk systems, and these are not easily spotted when looking through brochures or on line pdf’s

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