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Office furniture innovations

Its not often that something comes along in  our  industry that is truly unique and exciting but we think that we have found it.

In reality it is more “office furniture meets technology” than just a different take on an office desk, but nevertheless it is truly groundbreaking and if priced correctly, could be the next big thing to hit offices all over the world.

The Company which came up with it is FG Technology in Northampton, who are a business partner of ours. They have been working  for years on improving  our workspace and have come up with various innovative products and designs in the past.

So what have they come up with this time?

Well,  the picture on the right gives you a clue. By using a remote control unit the CPU at each workstation can be moved to a central location up to 20 metres away.  So all you need at your desk is a small receiver/transmitter unit, which also houses the disk drive, usb points and other connections.

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How big is your desk

We often get calls from customers asking what size office desk they should be buying, but it is an impossible question to answer easily without more information .

It’s a bit like someone asking a car dealer what type of car should they buy. There are so many factors that to answer the question you do really need to give your office furniture dealer as much information as you can.

You need to think about this question logically, which means starting with factors that you cannot change.
For example the size of the office space and the number of people which have to be fitted into this space. Most office furniture dealers know the minimum square meterage of space, including walkways, which they need to allow per person, so can easily come up with a benchmark size of desk per person.

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Cabling solutions for your desk

Most desks are sold with, at best, a very limited cable management system, but more often with nothing at all.  A simple system might be a horizontal beam system for your cables and power sockets, and two cable ports in the desk top to get the wires onto the desk.

Sometimes you might even get a vertical section of trunking which will tidy away the wires from the floor up to the underside of the  desk.
But effective cabling on any desk is essential for ease of use and for safety.  And once the power and data has been successfully brought up to underneath the desk, what then ?

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Desk accessories for the executive

Brighten up your office desk with some of our very stylish and practical desk accessories.
Five attractive ranges in silver or chrome finishes are available from stock, all designed to brighten up your office workspace.

Each range comprises all the things you need on your desk, all elegantly styled and beautifully finished to give you years of enjoyment. Paper trays, pen holder, staplers, letter racks, note pad holders and even waste bins are all available for delivery to you in a few days. All in all a far better and more appealing option than a cheap set of plastic accessories from your local stationers

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Electrify your desk

Nowadays you need more from you desk than just a flat surface to work on, so read on and you will learn what you can do and how it can improve your life, if you’ve got a spare plug socket or two.

After you have taken our advice on board, and acted on it, you will wonder how you ever got on without your power buddies.

First on the list is getting power and data onto the top of the desk. Scrabbling about underneath it for a socket to plug your phone into can be easily avoided, and the same goes with data. Simple electric modules which clamp onto the desk top, can give you whatever you want, where you want

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How tidy is your desk? Accessories to help you organise

If you are one of the super organised people out there then you may have a nice tidy desk with everything to hand and a home for all your bits and pieces. If your one of the majority then your desk is probably far from tidy. If you have piles of paper, pens and pencils and the usual office paraphernalia scattered across your desk then maybe you should look at some of the latest ranges in desk accessories.

If its time to tidy your desk first take a look what you have on the desk and in the drawers and decide if you actually need it. The general rule is that the more places you give people to store things the more rubbish they will accumulate so be ruthless and clear out all the unnecessary junk. Chances are there will be things in the bottom of your pedestal that haven’t been looked at in months and if that’s the case then either file them properly or throw them out. How many pens and pencils do you actually need? Get rid of the rubbish.

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