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Buy the best office chair you can afford

We have often said this but will say it again, always spend as much as you can afford on your  office chairs, even if it means reducing the amount your spend on the office desks or storage cabinets.

This is because an office chair is a dynamic piece of furniture, which can have an influence on your health and you productivity.  Bad backs are the most common cause of staff absenteeism and most of this can be attributable to unsuitable office seating.  

For most people an office chair is an office chair, but in reality there is a bewildering range of confusing mechanisms and adjustment options, some which are useful and some not so useful.

And to the uninitiated it is difficult to work out which ones are really useful and which one are just gadgets or gimmicks.
At the bottom end of the office spectrum sits a basic entry level budget operator chair.  These are typically around £50 to £60 each, and will give you something to sit on, but not much else. There will be a gas ram seat height adjustment mechanism, and probably some means of altering the seat rake, but often not much else.

More worryingly are the things that are missing which you cannot see. The gas ram for instance may only be rated for 11 stones. Also the mechanism has probably not been designed for all day use. 

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Chair mechanisms explained

From £1 per week

All too often we advise our customers to go for a synchronomic mechanism on their operator chair, as it is the best mechanism by far, but invariably we find that the users of the office chair are not operating them as intended. 

The design of the synchronous mechanism is such that the back rest of the office chair is intended to remain in the free floating position, with the tension spring adjusted so that the floating backrest just supports the user’s weight.

The idea behind this design is that the users back is supported, but not completely, and this support is able to move with the user as he or she moves around in the chair, whilst carrying out typical office tasks.

Whether the user is sitting bolt upright, typing on a keyboard, or leaning back, reading some literature, all the time the chair’s backrest is supporting the users back to a significant degree.

This method of support  encourages good posture and prevents slouching in the chair, which is not ideal for prolonged periods of time.

The problem is that if the user is not familiar with this type of mechanism, the permanently floating support feels wrong, and very soon the user simply locks the backrest of the chair in his or her favoured position and leaves it like that.

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Cool office chairs for the summer

Although it may not feel like it yet, the days are getting warmer and longer, and before you know it, you will be sitting at your desk, and sticking to your old leather or fabric chair.

So now is the time to think of something more comfortable and cooler.

Most ergonomic chairs made today are upholstered in an open celled foam which allows more air to circulate and water vapour to escape through its membrane.

Better quality office chairs are upholstered in wicking fabric which help keep you dry and stops you sticking to the chairs.

However, whilst we can confidently say that modern day upholstery on good quality office chairs is far superior to older or budget operator chairs, if you are looking for something really cool, then you should consider one of the many mesh backed chairs in the office seating market.

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What is an ergonomic chair

There are hundreds of office chairs out there in the market, all purporting to be ergonomically designed but you really do have to be very careful about what you are buying.
There is no recognised definition of what an ergonomic chair is, so it really is “buyer beware” with these chairs
Ergonomics means “the applied science of equipment design” which is suitably vague to cover most things.
A cheap chair imported from China could be said to be an ergonomic chair because it goes up and down and the backrest is adjustable, and it is shaped to follow  the contours of an average back, but compare this chair to a quality ergonomic chair from Pledge Office Chairs for example and the difference is obvious.
The quality ergonomic chair will have been a result of many years of research into how we use a chair in the office, what we expect from it, and how it can be best designed, using  the latest technology, to give us the maximum amount of support for the longest amount of time, for a price which  represents good value for money.

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Burodial office furniture back in stock

Massive warehouse and fast delivery

 CHW are pleased to announce that once again we are able to supply the complete range of Burodial’s office furniture products for delivery within a matter of days. 

Thanks to a merger between one of our largest business furniture suppliers GDB International, and Burodial, their combined portfolio of furniture products can be delivered to you within a few days.


Our various catalogues have all the details you need about all of our stocked ranges, complete with prices and sample finishes.


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Azurea reception counters get a boost

One of our best selling modular reception counters have been given a boost with the addition of a stunning dark finish, as well as the existing cherry and white oak.

Many of our executive ranges are available in this rich dark wood finish, so now the reception area can match the rest of the office.

As before all of the modules in this range are available from stock, and can be delivered and installed within a matter of days. 

The modular nature of this range means that we can come up with a wide choice of configurations and layouts to suit your space, and can produce 3 D renditions of your reception area in a matter of hours.

Despite the Azurea counters look and feel of a bespoke and therefore expensive reception counter, the pricing is extremely competitive, even for a modular system.  The detailing in the front panels and the frosted glass  reception counter tops give this range a stylish appeal mostly found in much more expensive reception systems.

Receptions areas can be designed for one or many persons, with enclosed counter units or open desk level areas.

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Pledge Seating Collection

Pledge Office Chairs
Pledge Office Chairs

Pledge Office Chairs has nearly 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of office seating, with an enviable reputation for service and reliability. The office furniture dealer CH Workspace is proud to be a dealer in Pledge office seating products.

Individuals increasingly require specialist solutions to their seating needs in order to perform their work comfortably and in safety. The Pledge collection has been compiled to assist you with your seating requirements and represents exceptional quality, durability and value for money from one of the UK’s leading office seating manufacturers. The collection offers a complete solution for for organisation’s requirements, from task seating, managerial, executive, reception and breakout. Continue reading Pledge Seating Collection

Sleeping at your office desk is good for you

Most people suffer the post prandial doldrums, when concentration is difficult and sleep seems to be the only thing you can think about. So you sit there, in a semi conscious daze until something snaps you out of it, or try to get through some of your work on autopilot. Very dangerous if you are a surgeon or an airline  pilot, unless you are, of course, on autopilot.

But recent studies have shown that this feeling is normal for our bodies, as more energy is directed from other functions in order to digest our lunch.

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