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M38 Executive office furniture, available from stock

M38 Executive office furniture

CHWorkspace are pleased to be able to offer another range of Executive furniture which is available from stock in our warehouse.

It is called  M38, ( nothing to do with  the post war model M38 Willis Jeep, unfortunately)  due to the thickness of the desks tops, which is a chunky 38mm.

The styling of the range is very clean and uncluttered, with standard Bridge legs, or a “designer”  fully enclosed frame leg.

The desk tops are available in either a cinnamon walnut or a light or dark oak finish, and the leg frames are available in either an aluminium, white, or satin black finish.

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Format desks – cheap as chips

How does an executive style panel end radial desk for £190, including delivery and installation sound ?

If you think that this is too good to be true, then you had better look at our FORMAT range of office furniture.

The Format range has an extensive offering of desk shapes and sizes. Rectangular, compact ( waves and 120 degree ) and radial desks are all available from stock, with either a panel or an I frame desk end, in maple, light beech, salmon beech, copper pear, caramel cherry, or a grey finish.

With regard to storage both steel or wood finish mobile pedestals, as well as desk height pedestals are available from stock in this range, with prices starting at around £130 including delivery and installation.

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Home office furniture at affordable prices

These days everyone is looking to save money and all those cheap bargains from China seem to have gone away (probably a good thing as cheap is not the same as value for money).

So what do you do if you are looking for some good quality office furniture for your home office or study.

The man made office furniture finishes you see in most offices are fine for the workplace but do you really want it for your home?

The main reason that MFC is used for office desks is that it is cheap, very hard wearing and will not fade with time, so when you add to the office desks you already have, the finishes will match.

These are not problems we usually face at home so it would be nice to buy some office  furniture which is not  man made.

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Noveum office furniture – a stylish blend of dark wood and glass.

At the beginning of this year the name of the Noveo range of executive office furniture was changed to Noveum, and at the same time some striking additions were made to this popular range of wood veneer and glass office desks.

To begin with the wenge stained oak veneer is now complimented by a rich and warm honey walnut. This has been a very popular finish in one of our other executive office furniture ranges, so we have decided to add the walnut to this range.

Another addition to the available desk top finishes is brilliant black glass, which really has to be seen to be appreciated.

Whilst we still stock the light grey glass table tops, we also keep the black glass in stock, ready for immediate dispatch.

The aluminium finished steelwork of the desk frames really compliment the natural wood finishes, and the addition of a black or brilliant grey glass produces what can only be describes as a truly stunning executive desk.

In addition to the main desks and desk returns, this range boasts a healthy number of additional furniture items to complete your new executive office.

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Estime executive office furniture

CH Workspace have significantly  increased their range of executive office furniture held in stock for this year, and one of their most stylish ranges is called Estime.

A contemporary mixture of dark wood veneer and satin silver, combined with a striking and unusual leg frame design make the Estime range stand out from the crowd.

The desk tops are available in either a jet black Wenge stained oak or a warm dark honey walnut veneer. The tops and return sections are also available in 3 different glass finishes to add to the appeal.

A nice detail in this range is the desk support leg  which is a large box section U frame finished in matt silver.

The leg  frame looks substantial and stylish and is completely different to any other office   furniture range which we hold in stock.  If you don’t like the openness of the U frame there is an option to fill in the void with a veneer panel to match the desk top.

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Tryane office desks in Pear and Wenge

If you are looking for an executive desk which is a bit different from the norm then have a look at what Tryane can offer you.

One of the striking shapes on offer  is a large semicircular design, with or without a return desk or computer table, in a very similar style to our Elysee desking range which we stocked a few years ago.

Like the Tryane desk this was a very unusual shape offering an amazing amount of desk space which also doubled as an impromptu meeting table for up to 5 persons

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Atlis office furniture from stock

Another well priced veneer executive office furniture range has joined our ranks of stocked furniture products.

Available in either a Brazilian mahogany or a Canadian gloss cherry veneer the Altis executive furniture range gives you traditional chunky style at very affordable prices.
The desk top with its double width edge gives the impression of a 50mm thick veneered top, and even the single panel leg frames and desks tops are  a hefty 30mm thick.
Two desk shapes are offered from stock with the first being the traditional and well established bow fronted executive desk, in either the double or single top design. You can also specify a frosted glass panel which fits over this desktop to create an even more striking impression.

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Phenix desks back in stock

After a few years absence Phenix office desks are once again back in stock and available for delivery within a matter of days.
This furniture range was a stock range a few years ago, but had to make way for some new executive ranges which we wanted to make available quickly.

But popular demand has meant that this well priced wood veneer executive range has risen from the ashes to take its well deserved place amongst the wide range of executive furniture which we hold in stock.

In case you cannot remember these stylish executive desks from our office furniture brochures in the past, this range is very traditional with big slabs of dark wood and angular edge details, giving you the impression that it was made by hand by craftsman, many years ago. 

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Senso desks now available from stock

Senso is another range of executive desks to add to our portfolio of office furniture available from stock for 2010.
The desks and storage units are made from wood veneered MDF panels, in either a beech or dark cherry veneer.

The MDF substrate gives a very solid, durable and stable base to the real wood veneer, which is then protected a with thick lacquer finish.

There are two options of the leg supports, either the traditional panel end version or the more contemporary tubular leg design.

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