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The changing face of boardrooms

Not that long ago  boardroom tables were large  and imposing, often made of a dark wood or wood veneer, with equally austere looking black leather armchairs, usually with a dark wood frame.  The boardroom was an “executive only “ area, exclusively for the use of the very top level of the corporate management, in much the same way as  executive washrooms in the old days.

But nowadays, most business cannot afford to have an expensive room for the sole use of the top level executives and board members, and don’t feel the need to have to impress their clients or contemporaries to this level, as before.

Boardrooms have in many ways been replaced by multifunction meeting rooms, which can offer a wider range of staff a wider range of possibilities.  Multifunctional furniture can allow even the smallest person in the office, to reconfigure the meeting room into many things. A staff training room, a lecture room, examination room, function room, and presentation room are just some examples of the many uses to which these room can be put.

By using flip top tables and stacking meeting chairs, the furniture can be packed away into a small space, leaving just a few tables out for the client buffet.  These tables can then be brought out again, swung into action and locked in place for that big staff meeting.

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Flip top tables from stock

With the ever increasing pressure on businesses to make the best use of their office space, we are more often than not specifying flip top tables as the ideal solution for most training and meeting room requirements.

These tables have the advantage of being easily reconfigurable in minutes and the job can be carried out by anyone in the office.

Their clever design means that the weight of the table does not have to be lifted during the reconfiguration.
Once in their new layout, the castors can be locked and the meeting table tops fixed to each other with an easy to use locking bracket or hand wheel.

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A Buyers Guide to Folding and Flip-Top Tables

Folding and Flip Top Tables
Folding and Flip Top Tables

As a major office furniture dealer, CH Workspace can supply a wide range of folding and flip top tables. Before you start, you need to consider the type of table you need.
Folding tables generally have legs that fold together under the table top, although there are exceptions to this rule as we will see later.
Flip-top tables have legs that stay upright, but a table top that flips from the horizontal to the vertical position.
Both flip-top tables and folding tables are generally modular in design, so that a group of tables can be pushed together to form a larger unit, including half-moon and curved units for table ends etc. Because they are designed to be mobile, most folding and flip-top tables have wheels or castors to enable them to be moved easily.

Linking kits and storage/transport trolleys are usually available for all of these types of table, please make sure that you enquire and that you are aware of the prices – storage trolleys can be quite expensive in relation to the tables themselves. Continue reading A Buyers Guide to Folding and Flip-Top Tables

A Buyers Guide to Meeting Room Tables

Meeting room tables can range from basic rectangular tables with metal legs and a melamine surface through to real wood veneer executive boardroom tables. CH Workspace can supply these tables, and all styles between.

Modular Meeting Tables
Modular Meeting Tables

Modular tables, unlike one-piece tables, are available in a variety of shapes and sizes so that the meeting room can be re-configured for different purposes, for example in a horseshoe for a training session or in a rectangle for a meeting. Continue reading A Buyers Guide to Meeting Room Tables

Top 10 innovations for your office

Innovation is not the most used word in the office furniture industry but there are some new things out there which could change your life and the way your work. Well maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but they are worth looking at. So in no particular order here goes :-

Desk top power modules. Have you ever considered how useful it would be to have all the sockets which are currently under you desk, on the desk itself. Standard things like power, telephone and data have been done before, but what about also having all the sockets on the back of your computer. USB, VGA, speaker and microphone, mouse, keyboard, and printer sockets all easily accessible. Plug and Play convenience at your fingertips.

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Use your head – get a flip-top

Most meeting rooms have to be used for many different purposes which means you need furniture which is flexible. A great big veneer boardroom table is fine for the AGM but what about the rest of the year.

You should always design your meeting room on the basis of what it will be used for, for most of the time, in the same way as you don’t buy a 4×4 if you live in the middle of the city ( OK that is probably not a good example)
But if you think smart you can actually have it both ways.

Big solid tables look good but are impossible to reconfigure, and training tables are light and easy to move around, but when made into one big table for a large meeting they look terrible. A sea of legs and uneven tops greet your executives or your customers.

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