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Getting the right desk for the job

As with all things in life with office furniture you really do get what you pay for.

Cheap desks are cheap for many reasons, but primarily because they lack the functionality of more expensive desks.  This may be fine if you just want a flat surface  upon which to work but nowadays cable management is an essential requirement of even the most basic workstation and it is this capability which is missing on cheaper desks.

 So by the time you have purchased an under desk cable tray , and drilled some holes for cable ports into your desk top, you might as well have purchased a more expensive office desk, which already had these items incorporated into the design.

Many of the more expensive office furniture ranges have been designed very carefully to ensure that professional users get everything they require from their furniture. The desks are very well built, designed to easily surpass their five year warranty. They have full and integral cable management systems from floor to desk top.

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Electric height adjustable desks

The market for height adjustable desks is growing steadily in the UK and we have been developing new products to cater for this increased demand.

Due to the complexity of these desks and the fact that motors and drive systems are involved , these electric height adjustable desks are considerably more expensive than a standard operator desk. 

So in order to keep the overall costs down at the budget end of the electric desk range you would usually see a single motor ( not dissimilar to a cars windscreen wiper motor) fixed into one leg, with  a metal drive shaft operating a worm gear in the other leg. 

This design does have its problems due to its inherent design, namely unequal lifting height of the desktop, when under load, and sticking or jerky mechanisms when the load is on one side of the desk top

So whilst being cheap, this design is not the best  for long term reliability, and users can become frustrated with the less than perfect operating mechanism, and even regret their decision about their office furniture.
The best electric height adjustable desks are the ones which have a motor built into each leg, and each leg is moved up and down via a sealed chain and cogs system, hidden inside the desk leg frame.

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Flexible bench desks

Most office furniture manufacturers are offering  their own version of a bench desking system, ranging from a simple linked desk design to a high end all singing  and dancing cable managed, sliding top affair.

But in general  the main similarity is that the desks are designed as double desk ( two desk facing each other)  setups which can share their end legs with neighbouring desks.

This offers two advantages in terms of price and space as not so many legs are needed when compared to a free standing desk setup.

“OPEN”  is a budget range of office furniture which offers everything that a basic  bench desk range would offer and a little more.

The desks sizes are comprehensive, as you would expect (80 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm and 180 cm)  the systems comes with integral cable management, and the desk frame has been designed to accept a wide variety of central dividing desk mounted screens.

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Height adjustable desks

We have a great deal more enquiries for height adjustable desks nowadays, and a good range of products to suit all requirements and budgets.

It seems that more and more workers are becoming aware of the advantages of height adjustable desks, but we should pointy out that there are distinct advantages and disadvantages with the different types of height adjustability.

In general though the advantage of having the desk height adjustable as well as your office chair is that you are one step nearer to acheiving your ergonomically perfect workstation

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Draughtsman chairs from CHW

CHW office furniture have introduced some new draughtsman chairs for 2010, to enhance our comprehensive range of general operator and executive seating which are always held in stock for fast nationwide delivery.

If you require a fabric upholstered draughtsman chair, then we have three  to choose from, all of which have a permanent contact backrest and a fixed foot-ring.

They are all guaranteed for five years and are available from stock for delivery in 5 to 7 working days.

All three draughtsman chairs are available in either a blue, black, bordeaux or grey fabric.

Both the seat and the backrests of these chairs are height adjustable ( Ratchet system on the backrest and gas lift mechanism on the seat)

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Height adjustable tables with thought

For many years we have been selling height adjustable tables, or more precisely electrically height adjustable desks  from our main office furniture site, but not without some problems.

Our main source of height adjustable tables is a Danish company called Conset, and although cheap, their product range is a not very specialised.

Their products, like all things based on price, are a little compromised and therefore the purchaser needs to make some allowance for this. For instance on certain sizes of height adjustable desk the desk frame actually partly blocks the cable port. To a normal person this would be regarded as a bad design but this height adjustable desk manufacturer is willing to accept slight flaws such as these on the basis of cheaper manufacturing costs ( and presumably less intelligent designers).

The other area where these desks have more serious problems, is where they are purchased, for example, by wheelchair users who need an electrically height adjustable desk in order just to get on with their life. The Conset  height adjustable desks all have horizontal support beams between the height adjustable legs, which reduce the amount of leg room available. This also restricts the amount of under desk space for CPU’s especially when using a CPU cradle, as the CPU has to be positioned in front of the support beam.

So if you are just after some height adjustable office furniture then in most cases their  products will fit the bill.

However, should you be looking for a height adjustable desk which has been specifically designed for a wheelchair user, then Scanflex have some very interesting and very clever products.

We will be dealing with their product range in greater detail later but  one of their products which we are very excited  about is a four  legged height adjustable desk or table, where each of the rectangular legs are height adjustable, and all operated at the same time by one control.
The legs are fixed to a box section perimeter frame, which will support all kinds of standard office desk tops. These box section frames are available in any length which allows for maximum flexibility. And best of all, the perimeter frame gives the user of the desk, the maximum amount of under desk space, and cable ports can be situated anywhere without risking being blocked by the steel frame. Plus there is plenty of room to accommodate a mobile pedestal  ( drawer unit on wheels) under the desk as well

This height adjustable desk or table and many other clever designs can be seen at on their website at www.scanflex.co.uk

Arive tambour units now in stock

CHW are pleased to announce a new range of tambour storage cupboards which are now available from stock for delivery within a matter of days.
This new range is in addition to our existing ranges of XPERT and XFILE Tambour units, and offers a you a good range of storage units at entry  level prices

The sizing of the units follows the format of our other ranges, with 3 width choices or 80, 100 and 120 cm. 

The heights of these tambours range from desk height to 2 metres high, with an option of overhead archive storage as well

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STAND office furniture delivers

STAND is another range of furniture which has been added to our portfolio for 2010 and is already available from stock  in substantial quantities.

The range is split onto two  groups, MELAMINE STAND and METAL STAND.

The main difference between the two is that the former has a wood finish modesty panel to match the desk top and the latter has a metal modesty panel which matches the steel support frame.
The desk tops are available in 5 different finishes and the frames in 3, and there are 5 trim insert options if you want to bring more colour into your office desks.

The desks  are available in the 3 most popular shapes, rectangular, radial and wave, and again in all the popular widths.
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A Buyers Guide to Bench Desks

Bench desks are a recent innovation in the office furniture world, but there are already quite a number of ranges on the market. Bench desk systems are usually used for more efficient use of space and because they share components, eg legs and desktops, they are often the most cost effective as well.

One of the most cost effective bench desk systems we have come across is the MT60 system from GDB International.

MT60 Bench Desks
MT60 Bench Desks

This is a stylish, modern design with a arched leg. The innovative leg system means that you can buy a starter unit, and then use add-on units to create a run of desks as long as you need. The add-on unit is considerably cheaper since it only requires a single leg arch. The system is available with aluminium or graphite legs and cherry, beech or maple tops. There are rumours that it will soon be available in additional colours, including white, which is becoming very fashionable in modern offices. The MT60 range includes a full range of matching office storage and meeting room furniture. In a multi-desk configuration, the MT60 can cost as little as £100 per person. Continue reading A Buyers Guide to Bench Desks