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Is it 2014 already?

We only just looked away for a few minutes and it seems that 2014 is already upon us.

All those plans we had, are still not much further ahead  than when we first thought of them.

And , as we all know, each year comes and goes at a faster speed than the previous one, meaning that we are less likely to get even what we got done last year, done this year.

So more than ever proper planning is essential to get the best out of your time. Simple plans with identifiable final goal and  staging posts. Technology  seems to make things change even faster so the only way to keep up is to keep things simpler and simpler.  Take Google and Seach Engine Optimisation for example.

It has taken much of last year just to work out what has been going on with the many  Google algorithm changes. Many businesses have suffered , and many search engine optimisation companies have called up offering another unique solution to our expected predicament.

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How to Buy Office Furniture in a Recession

The office furniture market is particularly competitive at the moment. There are far fewer furniture projects around due to the fact that there are fewer companies being created and relocation and office refurbishment projects have been cancelled or delayed due to budget constraints. Many smaller  furniture dealers are feeling the pinch, particularly those with high overheads associated with local showrooms and high staff numbers. Continue reading How to Buy Office Furniture in a Recession